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Wasn't much about today's show that grabbed my attention. I did like the Brady / Jen stuff. Dan caving in to Melanie's complaining and whining when it was patently obvious she was lying about her reasons for marrying Chad was wrong ... unless he's just letting it slide so he can live to attack another day.

Nicole's obsession with Daniel is getting just a little too unhealthy for me. I just wish the truth about the baby would come out already and then I'd love to see EJ lose a custody battle. Maybe the judges won't be so scared of him now that he was knocked off his throne a bit.

Obviously they're just throwing Billie into random scenes because they don't want anyone wondering who she is when she says her goodbyes and leaves Salem.

I didn't find anything interesting about Sami's convo with Will - really - she only has her very young son to confide in about her love life - how sad is that ... sad and inappropriate. And I seriously have nothing good or nice to say about that outfit she put on for her big date so I best say nothing at all.

And what the heck was that random Adrienne / Dan scene all about? Please don't have Jack's sister trying to get Dan and Jen together again - that's just all kinds of wrong!
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