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Sep 11 2012, 06:43 PM
Sep 11 2012, 05:24 PM
I would have Rafe destroy the evidence EJ has about Sami shooting him in the head, and Sonny destroy the evidence EJ has on Will. Nicole gets rid of the evidence of the dirty part she played in EJ's election. EJ discovers that Nicole, Daniel and Rafe switched the results of the test, and that Carrie knew about it. He goes to Nicole, telling her he will take the baby, but Nicole blackmails him with everything dirty he did during the campaign, threatening to reveal it to the public, including his framing of John. Nicole tells EJ also that she has proof he sold the drug cartel to Quinn in 2010, thus, being responsible for the death of Arianna. EJ backs off, but plots to fire Daniel and Rafe, and get revenge on Carrie. Nicole reveals everything to the police and Rafe turns in the evidence that EJ kidnapped Syndey. EJ is thrown in jail, and Sami breaks it off with him because he threatened her sister and Rafe, as well as revealing she has never loved him: Lucas and Rafe had her hearts,and she used him in an effort to have a family with Johnny and Sydney, plus EJ was good with Allie and Will. She thought they could fall in love and have more good moments like they used to, but she could never get over Rafe and Lucas. EJ is relieved she didn't use him to make them jealous, but is still mad. Sami tells EJ that Rafe and Lucas are better for her kids. Nicole apologizes for having EJ arrested and for the paternity test results being switched. She tells everyone EJ is the dad. EJ tells Nicole he used Sami to make her jealous. He says he was only with Sami because he could not have Nicole, and hates being single. He apologizes to Nicole for everything and forgives her. She forgives him as well, but EJ is sentenced to life in jail. He tells Nicole that his relationship with Sami is based only on lust. Nicole contacts Stefano, who pays the judges to reduce EJ's sentence to 7 months. Nicole realizes she still has feelings for Rafe, but is dismayed when Sami tells Rafe and Lucas the reason she left EJ. Rafe rejects Sami, however, thinking she needs to work things out with Lucas. Nicole chats with Daniel about how she now loves Rafe, but knows he wants to work things out with Sami. Daniel tells Nicole that Sami chose Lucas,and Nicole runs to Rafe to profess her love. Rafe admits that he is in love with Nicole, which is why he told Sami to go after Lucas. The two have sex and be a couple. Nicole gives birth to the baby and they have a happy family. Nicole gets insecure about Rafe's past with the Brady sisters, and Rafe gets insecure about Nicole's past with EJ. Chloe returns and is mad at Dan and Nicole for being together, but forgives them. She decides to get with Eric. Chloe and Kinsey babysit Nicole's baby, who befriends Parker. Chloe supports Nicole being with Rafe and moving on from EJ. EJ is released from prison, however, and Nicole realizes she never stopped loving him. She turns to Chloe for advice, and tells Chloe that while she feels safe and secure with Rafe, he is more like a friend to her. With EJ, their past is rough, but he consumes her. Eventually, Nicole leaves Rafe, deciding only to be his friend, and reunites with EJ. Daniel gets with Billie, but has a steamy affair with Nicole's sister when Taylor returns. Billie finds out, and dumps Daniel, deciding to leave town and be with Austin and Carrie in Suisse. Daniel dumps Taylor and reunites with Jennifer. Taylor hooks up with Rafe briefly, before they split. Then, Sami and Rafe realize they still want each other and never got divorced. Sami leaves Lucas to reunite with Rafe. Taylor comforts Lucas, who is sad about what happened, and they hook up. Sami is jealous, but remains with Rafe. Eventually, Taylor realizes that Lucas will always love Sami, and dumps Lucas. Lucas leaves Salem for a trip to Australia. Taylor begins working at Titan with Gabi and Nick. She befriends both of them, and Brady. Brady and Taylor fall in love and get married. Lucas comes back after a two month vacation, desperate to win back Sami. Eventually, she has sex with him in the pub (which Rafe sees). Rafe tells Sami off and divorces her. She mourns her relationship with Rafe, and he does too, but she marries Lucas a few months later. In Switzerland, Carrie miscarries her baby. She and Austin mourn, but she has never stopped loving Rafe. After losing her job, she considers returning to Salem, only to realize Rafe was with both Nicole and Taylor recently, and is now married to Sami. Carrie tells herself that she can make things work with Austin. But she can not forget Rafe. She writes letters to him after he divores Sami, and they mention how she almost left Austin for him until she got preggos. Austin looks for paperwork on her desk one day, only to discover the letter...and the truth. He divorces Carrie when she tells him she only loves Rafe. She returns to town and tells Rafe she wants him, and the two get married after a few weeks of her being in Salem. They sleep together, and Carrie gets pregnant with his child, a girl. Chloe ends things with Eric when Shawn D., Claire and Belle return. Shelle have been fighting, and Shawn D. begins an affair with Chloe. The truth comes out, and they split. Shelle go to coupl counseling and work things out. Austin comes back to town and gets with Chloe eventually. Gabi finds out she is pregos with Will's baby, but realizes that he won't be happy with it, since it broke him and Sonny up. She aborts the child, causing WilSon to reunite. Gabi and Nick break up and Gabi and Chad get together. But they cannot forget how they were once enemies, and Chad leaves Gabi. Gabi steals Cameron from Abigail, and Chabigail reunites. Gabi and Cameron don't last, because Stephanie returns to town and steals him from her. Gabi ends up getting with a newly returned Philip.
Are you one of Days writers? Sounds exactly like what is playing out at the moment. And the touch about Carries baby was good nice to see that we can fit all those partner swappings/weddings etc in a six month period.

Plus I see plenty of potential for Justin if he chooses to focus on divorce law.

But I am starting my anti Phillip Gabi campaign now ... say no to Gallip
Haha I'm not a writer. I know this sounds like only triangles but I was only talking about these groups of people. I would do something better with the vets. I think a Kefano reunion would be epic, and ey would try to take over Titan. Maggie could be more involved with Titan. I would love a catfight between Maggie and Kate.
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