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Sep 13 2012, 06:38 AM
Billie looks HORRIBLE! YUCK!

It kind of struck me today that I kind of like these friendships being shown-- Rafe and Nicole--seriously! They have a nice vibe together. I don't want to see them together but I like their interaction. They play well off each other, IMHO. I liked Brady and Jennifer too. It was nice to see that two people who have had loss can talk and laugh and just be friends. Some of the scenes were "huh?" scenes to me-- EJ and Billie-- HUH? What was the purpose in that? Daniel and Adrienne-- "huh?". Again, purpose? Heck, even the conversation between Sonny and Adrienne? What mom would just start talking about that in a public place? No conversation before this to even get into that. Don't get me wrong-- I'm beyond happy to see Adrienne again but I just don't get the scene's purpose. I'm so tired of Sami that I FF anything with her and her man clan. I did watch she and Will and it kills me that he is approving of EJ over his father! Just not getting that either!

Will is not choosing EJ over his dad, he saw how heartbroken his dad was over Sami's mistreatment, so he does not want Lucas to go there again. He warned his dad months ago Sami was going to hurt him.
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