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NE Spoilers for the week of Sept 24th

Life altering news interrupts a Newman press conference

Will Billy tell Victoria what he knows about Victor

Danny returns to town

Tucker makes Sharon an offer

Nikki gets an unexpected surprise as she grieves during Y&R's 10,000th episode

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Daily Spoilers wk of 9/24

9/24 Jack is faced with financial ruin; Genoa City is rocked by an explosion in Los Angeles.

9/25 The Newman's struggle with a devastating loss; Tucker has a shocking offer for Sharon.

9/26 Sharon's behavior angers those around her; Katherine gives a heartfelt eulogy.

9/27 Victor's return shocks everyone.

9/28 Jack comes up with a plan; Michael and Lauren are baffled by Daisy's disappearance.

Teasers wk of 9/24

Cane makes a deal

Jack receives big financial news

Kevin encourages Billy to come clean with Victoria

Tucker considers an unexpected offer.

A surprise waits for a grieving Nikki

Danny returns to confront Phyllis

Victor's Explosive [Death] Rocks The Newmans on Young and Restless!

The Newmans: The socialite finally gets in contact with Mr. Mumbles, after Billy gives her Victor's number out in L.A.. Something about Nikki's voice is familiar to "Christian", however the call is cut short when an explosion occurs!

Nikki, who didn't realize why their call was interrupted, heads over to Newman Enterprises. Sharon is conducting a press conference, with Nick and Vicki in forced attendance. Nikki informs her children their daddy is on his way home. For the sake of the company, Vicki and Nick keep up with the plan to support their chagrined step-monster at the press conference.

At Restless Style, Nikki clues Abby in about her father having turned up. Nikki is confident her ex-husband will take care of Sharon himself, once he comes home. Billy arrives and squashes everyone's good cheer by announcing Victor's dead!

Don't worry. Just like a New York cockroach, Victor emerges from the explosion, this time with his memory in tact. It seems another man perished in the warehouse explosion. Victor decides its time he return home. Back in Genoa City, Nikki is beyond crushed about Victor's "death" and is brought to the ranch by Nick, to say her goodbyes. Nikki starts to reminisce about the first time she met Victor and the years they've shared. Kids, things go from bad to downright terrible for the Newman clan. "Victor's" body arrives in town before the real one can make it home to clear up the confusion.

Sharon is asked by the coroner to identify her hubby's body and realizes it isn't him. The slonkey feels Victor is send her a message: He'd rather take a dirt nap than to be stuck with her! A livid Sharon claims the body is Victors and has it cremated!

The Newmans are royally pissed after Sharon's latest stunt, since they won't be able to say farewell to Victor. Sharon then stuns all by saying she's going to marry Tucker pronto!

A grief-stricken Nikki goes to visit "Victor's" grave, and is stunned when the man himself arrives! What's going to happen with Sharon? Watch for Mrs. Newman to get a shock when her husband shows up at her wedding to Tucker.

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Sony Previews

Jack faces financial ruin, while an explosion in Los Angeles is felt in Genoa City.

Life-altering news rocks the Newman press conference.

Sharon receives a surprising offer from Tucker.

An unexpected surprise awaits Nikki as she grieves.

In the 10,000th episode, Danny Romalotti returns to confront Phyllis.

TV Guide Previews

9/24, Jack faces financial ruin, while an explosion in Los Angeles is felt in Genoa City.

9/25,The Newmans cope with a devastating loss, while Sharon receives a shocking offer from Tucker.

9/26, Sharon's behavior infuriates the people of Genoa City, while Katherine delivers a heartfelt eulogy to Victor.

9/27, In this milestone 10,000th episode, Victor's homecoming sends shock waves through Genoa City.

9/28, Jack plans to blackmail Tucker, while Daisy's disappearance perplexes Michael and Lauren.

Episode Titles and Previews

(Financial Ruin)
9/24, Jack faces a financial crisis; an explosion in Los Angeles is felt in Genoa City.(CC) (Stereo)

(Devastating Loss)
9/25,The Newman family grieves a loved one; Tucker has a proposal for Sharon.(CC) (Stereo)

(Sharon's Behavior)
9/26, Sharon's actions anger the people of Genoa City; Katherine delivers a touching eulogy to Victor.(CC) (Stereo)

(10,000 Episode)
9/27, In the 10,000 episode, Victor shocks everyone when he returns home.(CC) (Stereo)

9/28, Jack intends to blackmail Tucker; Michael and Lauren are confused by Daisy's disappearance.(CC) (Stereo)

Y&R -- In California, Billy is not fast enough to rescue Victor from the exploding warehouse. In the dock-side bar, Billy and Genevieve rush to assist Sister Celeste as Sister Celeste tends to the dock workers who were injured in the warehouse blast. Genevieve is devastated when Sister Celeste informs her that Victor died in the blast, and Genevieve breaks down in tears on Sister Celeste's shoulder. In the meantime, at Sharon's press conference, Nikki blurts out the news that she just spoke to Victor and believes that he will be returning to Genoa City soon. However, before the press conference breaks up, Billy arrives with the news that Victor died in an explosion on the docks in California. Just as life-altering news interrupts the Newman family press conference in Genoa City, Sister Celeste takes Genevieve to a room in a boarding house across the street from the California dock-side bar. Genevieve is stunned when Sister Celeste shows Genevieve that a badly injured Victor is still alive. Sister Celeste explains that she believes that Victor's enemies must continue to believe that Victor is dead in order to protect Victor's life. When Sister Celeste explains that Victor needs some medical assistance, and that she believes that Genevieve will be able to provide that assistance - Victor suddenly declares that he knows that Genevieve can NOT provide that assistance, because she is NOT a nurse - but he KNOWS that her name is Genevieve. Later, in Genoa City, Victor's family hits the roof when they learn that the coroner's office called Sharon to identify Victor's body, because Sharon is still legally Victor's wife. After spending all of his ready cash to buy up Newman stock while it was selling at bargain basement prices, Jack is stunned when news of Victor's death spreads and Newman stock takes an even bigger plunge. Billy contemplates telling Victoria everything which Billy now knows about Victor. In California, a recovering Victor decides that the time has come for him to return to Genoa City. However, Victor's "body" makes it back to Genoa City before Victor arrives in town. When Sharon arrives at the Medical Examiner's office, Sharon immediately realizes that the body she is viewing is NOT Victor's body! Sharon leaps to the conclusion that this is just another "test" which Victor is pulling - and believes that Victor's message to Sharon is that Victor would prefer to be presumed dead than to remain in his marriage to Sharon. Sharon retaliates by immediately identifying the stranger's body as Victor's body - then ordering the body cremated as soon as possible. Victor's family hits the roof again when they believe that their father's body has been disposed of, without allowing Victor's family to have an opportunity to pay their last respects. DANNY ROMALOTTI returns to town. Tucker has an interesting proposition for Sharon. After Sharon disposes of what everyone believes is Victor's body, Tucker suggests to Sharon that they should get married right away, so that Tucker can help Sharon hang on to Sharon's share of Newman Enterprises, and help Sharon get the company back to working on an even keel again. Sharon believes that Tucker truly has the best interests of the company at heart, and agrees with Victor's suggestion. In the meantime, Nikki returns to the Ranch and takes a walk down memory lane, remembering happier times which she spent at the Ranch with Victor. When Nikki goes to Victor's grave to mourn, Nikki is stunned when she believes that she has spotted Victor at the cemetery. After meeting with Nikki, Victor makes plans to crash Sharon and Tucker's wedding. Sharon's life spirals out of control until she hits rock bottom. The Young and the Restless is scheduled to celebrate its 10,000th episode on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. Some inside observers are reporting that the major thrust of the episode will show nearly everyone in town groveling at Victor's feet. Apparently, by this time, Victor will be declared dead and Sharon and Tucker will be making plans to make a mad dash to the altar. When Victor turns up at his own funeral, everyone in town rushes to lionize the returning tycoon. Everyone in town likewise lines up to criticize Sharon. At the end of the episode, Victor and Nikki kiss and make up. There have also been reports that Sharon will be redeemed when it is discovered that Sharon is still experiencing unresolved grief, which she suffered following Cassie's death.
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