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This is what I think should happen next. Kristen has come back Salem totally changed but is still a little be of evil. EJ has now become more evil than before and his obsession with Samantha has become much more serious just like the way Stefano was with Marlena any who. EJ makes a plan he kidnaps her and makes everyone think that Sami is dead while he is keeping her down the basement. Rafe and her kids are grieving for Sami. Lucas knows EJ and he gets like a sign that he knows from his heart that Sami is not dead. Lucas goes to Marlena and John and Roman and Rafe and tells them that he knows for sure that EJ is lying and Sami is not dead, remember his obsession with Sami. Stefano and Kristen find out what EJ did but of course they don't snitch on her, at this time Stefano and Kate are back together and Stefano is keeping the secret about Sami being alive from Kate. One day Kate finds something of Sami but doesn't become suspicious. One day Sami tried to escape but EJ busts her and they argue Sami begs EJ to let her go what about the kids. EJ don't care he shows her pictures and family videos that the kids are happier and don't miss her. Sami cries. While in the living room Lucas has come to visit his mother to also talk about business he wants to go back to Hong Kong and be with Autumn and win her back. Of course Kate is happy and he is taking Allie with him and Will will be coming on holidays. Lucas takes a call and sees EJ with Stefano and Kristen looks like they are arguing. Kristen says I know a place where you can keep Sami further away from Salem. Stefano remember where I used to keep Marlena, Kristen yes. Stefano there we go. EJ gives an evil look while Lucas is suspicious. Lucas leaves the mansion and goes to Sami's grave he hasn't been there for a long time. He cries and says sorry and flash backs to their time together and how Sami hurt him. He has forgiven her. He leaves and heads home.
Will decides to pay his grandmother a visit he misses his mother and regrets treating her badly most of the time. Rafe is slowly starting to move on and accepting Sami will never come back to him. Time goes on and no one finds out that the Diemera's have a basement. John and Marlena and Roman do some gathering in remembering Sami and Carrie and Austin come with their baby girl and so do Shawn and Belle and Philip and Chloe come with Tyler and Parker. Lucas leaves Allie with Marlena. Johnny and Sydney are out of town with Aunt Kristen. Father Eric Brady is doing a speech and talks about his twin sister and how much he misses her. Father Eric Brady is conflicted he helped deliver Nicole's baby and is now realising he is still in love with her. Daniel asked Nicole to marry him and she happily accepted and they have been raising baby Edward together but Nicole has realised she is still in love with her first love Eric Brady who is now a priest. Jennifer left town and Abby and Cameron got back together and Abby lost her virginity to Cameron. Nick and Gabi are in a relationship. Chad is all alone. Back to the mansion it's the middle of the night Lucas has managed to sneak in to the mansion quietly. He snoops around to find evidence and then he finds Sami's earnings and Grandma Alice's bracelet he becomes suspicious he notices a door he opens it he goes downstairs and is shocked there is a basement and it looks like the same place where Kristen held Marlena. He tries to open the door but it's locked, Sami wakes up she has been there almost a year and misses everyone even Carrie. Kate comes downstairs she hears footsteps and opens the secret door she goes downstairs and finds Lucas. Lucas tells his mother he think there is someone there, Kate tells her son he needs to leave. Lucas says no I will not. Kate says okay fine I will help you. She goes to the living room and finds two keys and takes both of them and quickly goes downstairs. Lucas opens the door, Kate leaves Lucas and goes to the bedroom before Stefano becomes suspicious. Lucas enters and there is another room he tries on the other key and opens to the door and sees Sami who is soundly a sleep.He wakes her up and Sami's tears come down she can't believe Lucas came to save her. They hug. He says he will come to get her tomorrow no one can no yet you are alive. Sami nods her head and they hug. He quickly locks the door and the basement and goes upstairs and leaves without anyone finding him expect his mother. Lucas goes home and starts to think where he can keep Sami safe. Sami and Rafe got married before EJ decided to kidnap Sami and made everyone think she was dead. The next day Lucas is sitting at his place having giving Allie and Will breakfast he has just told them he loves them and he will be gone for awhile he needs to think they will be staying with Grandma Marlena and Grandpa John, Allie kisses her daddy on his cheek and Will tells his father he loves him and to be safe. Alright everything is sorted. Lucas packs food and clothes and Sami's stuff too Make up, Clothes etch her favourite. Back at the Mansion EJ is downstairs and Sami is still sleeping Sami calls out Lucas's name. EJ gets angry and shouts out her name she quickly wakes up and is scared. EJ touches her face and tells her loves her and is only doing this because this is the only way they can get back together. Sami spits on him and tells him she hates him and has never loves he should get that through his sick head. EJ pushes her down on the bed and starts to remove her clothes Sami tries to fight him but fails he rapes her a couple of time she screams and he lets go of her. Sami cries as he leaves her. Sami is tormented and becomes listen she manages to get up and goes to shower. One of the Dimera handlers brings her breakfast. She doesn't eat at all. EJ drives to Lucas's place. He knocks on the door and finds Lucas. Lucas says what are you doing here?. EJ is listen he smirks and just looks at Lucas. Lucas says get out before I throw you out. EJ says I could put you in Jail for entering in my house Lucas, oh you didn't think I would find out did you?. Lucas says I don't know what you were talking about. EJ says stay away from the Dimera Mansion you are not welcome there. Lucas says my mother leaves there. EJ she could always come to yours. EJ leaves. EJ arranges a hit for Lucas. Lucas goes outside and puts everything inside the car. As Nicole comes and gives him the evidence that could put EJ Dimera away forever Life in Prison, Lucas hugs and thanks her. As Nicole leaves, Lucas holds the paper while holding the papers and thanks God. As he is about to get into the car, the hit-man shoots Lucas in the back, Lucas falls into the ground and no one to help him. EJ goes back to the Mansion and goes down to the basement. EJ oh Good you are ready we are going far away from here where no one will find you Samantha, He smirks. Sami says where are we going?. EJ says somewhere. EJ leaves her to talk to her father as Sami says Where are you Lucas. Sami is scared she tries once more to escape but fails. Lucas is on the floor getting worse by the minute, a mysterious person is walking by and helps Lucas he carries Lucas to some shelter as EJ and Sami are boarding on the plane ready to leave Salem. To be continued
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