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The Mysterious person nurses him back to health and leaves Lucas before he wakes up. Lucas wakes up and finds the evidence of EJ that Nicole gave him, Lucas sees the bracelet he gave Sami strange he never took it from the Dimera Mansion then he sees a small note saying Godbless and a note saying where EJ is taking Sami it's an Island that the Dimera's own and he also finds some money and his stuff he took from home well he won't be needing the food any more. He quickly boks a flight. He tries to get up and finds strength somehow he is grateful for whomever saved. He is shocked and finds his car there to. He drives straight to the airport. He quickly gets into first class and sees EJ and Sami but they don't see him. They land on the island and Lucas changes into clothes and follows them until they reach into the Dimera estate. EJ quickly locks Sami into a room. Lucas climbs into the balcony, Sami turns around and spots Lucas she smiles and quickly opens the door. Lucas says we have to be careful, Lucas is hurt a bit, Sami says what happened to you?. Lucas says don't worry we have to help you so you can go back to the kids they need you and miss you. Sami says I miss them too. They stare at each other and snap out of it as they are about to open the door EJ comes back with food as he is about to open the door, Sami touches Lucas's hand and apologizes for ever hurting him and using him and also hurting the kids and Will. Lucas says I have already forgiven you, your the mother of my children and best friend now let's get out of here before Dimera comes. As they open the window, EJ is slowly opening the door, Lucas helps Sami out first then he quickly comes out of the window and they safely go down together and run as fast as they can. They go into hiding.
EJ is in the room mad as hell Sami is gone she managed to escape through the window he will search everywhere in the damn island. His men start looking for Sami Brady. He sees a phone and It's Lucas's phone. While in hiding Lucas is angry and realises his phone is missing. Sami is shakes up and her body becomes cold she keeps having flash backs of EJ raping her at the basement. Lucas asks what's wrong but she says nothing she is just tired she wants to talk to the kids but Lucas tells her no, no one can know your alive until we have everything we need to put EJ behind bars. Sami says but what if EJ finds us and tries to kill me or worse kill both of us I can't do this Lucas, I have to go back before he kills you I have already put you through enough. Lucas says EJ is going to get what he deserves okay Sami he has hurt our kids and family for the last time. Lucas starts to feel hurt his back is still paining. He faints and Sami panics what to do, what to do. Sami manages to get Lucas to get up and puts him on the couch. TO BE CONTINUED
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