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Sep 13 2012, 02:10 AM
I liked the first girl, Paige, but her performance was all over the place. She's beautiful and has great stage presence but her singing was not that great. They stopped the Bieber kid in the middle of his performance to tell him to work on his vocals but not her? WTF? I hope that's not how she sings in future episodes. I was surprised Simon called that one of his favorite auditions. She did NOT sound that grand.

Seriously. I thought the Lady Gaga Bride had a better voice than her (I was really glad they put him through b/c I thought his voice was really powerful. He could be great if he isn't all outlandish all the time I think. We'll see.)

LOL at that catty blonde bitch who was hating on Paige & giving stank looks to people throughout the whole first half of the episode. You could see and feel the power of editing in this episode. She could've been just another quick, terrible audition but they played out a whole little escalating storyline for her :lol: There must have been a producer or exec or something who really disliked her & told the editors to paint her in the worst, drawn out light. LOL. It was totally manipulated.

OMG. That Don Philip guy who did a duet w/Britney in 1999 was a goddamn mess. I LOL'd. he really thought Britney cared that much about him. I'm sorry but no. She was not that hurt, man :lol: Oh wow.

I enjoyed Jennel Garcia (the Pat Benetar girl) and also found the Emblem 3 guys interesting. I thought it was messed up how that other guy who was in a boy band was treated. Damn. LOL!
Totally agree...that was downright CRUEL and the guy seemed like a genuinely nice person...he didn't deserve that bullshit.

Overall though, I am loving this season over last.

I find it HILARIOUS that they make it sound as if they have not found a star yet (that sucks for whatsherface who won last season...SERIOUSLY don't remember her).
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