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Friday, September 14th

jen at home
talks to Nicole
she asks her if she is going to see Brady, she
saw them at the square the other day
looked like they were hitting it off
jen says we are friends
nicole says you 2 are going through a terrible time right now
must be nice to have him to lean on
jen says you mean instead of Daniel?

Anne talks to Maxine at the hospital about jennifers office
she assigned her an office
in the basement
dan hears this and gets mad
tells her just because jen got the job that she wanted, she is not going to stab jen in the back
its not going to happen

chad tells gabi its over
going to tell mel
all of it
gabi says if you tell her she will hate me
chad says no kidding
she says what about you
you knew this whole time and didnt say anything to her
how is she going to feel when she hears that

Melanie visits
maggie and shows her, her ring
wants her to help her plan the wedding
Maggie says she doenst want to impose
mel says you dont sound thrilled about this

sonny and will talk at the coffee shop
will tells him T told him who he was interested in

rafe at his office
thinking about sami
and the kiss
he knocks over a chair
brady comes in and says whats wrong
rafe says im an idiot thats whats wrong

EJ says you look stunning
sami says thank you
he says are we ready to go
unless you have something else you would rather do this evening ?
is there a problem
she says Ej i cant go out with you tonight

Brady says whats going on
rafe says sami
brady says what about her
rafe says its embarrassing
we kissed
Brady says is that a bad thing

EJ says you are cancelling our date when i am standing here ,im in your living room , im ready to go
come on
so i have the most wonderful surprise
planned for you
he takes her arm and starts walking
she says i know ,
no im serous i really cant ,something came up
he says what came up?
She says well ,i forgot that
Allie has a school project, due tomorrow
he says but we made this plan yesterday ,it was your idea
she says i know but i forgot about the project,,,im really sorry
he says you are a gifted liar but you arent that good
is this because of what i walked in on earlier
is this because of rafe?

Sonny says T told you i was interested in you
will says yes
and he said he didnt think i was interested in you
Sonny says i know you arent
Will says you are wrong
sonny says but the night i tried to help you
Will says i was messed up, it wasnt you, you were trying to help me
i tried to find you and tell you how i felt and
sonny says you saw me with Brian
Will says thats when i messed things up
flashback to sex with gabi
will says i thought you were with Brian
and i thought you were out of my league
im new to this
sorry this whole thing has been my fault
can you forgive me

Maggie says i want to make sure this is happening for the right reasons
mel says it is , chad loves me , i love him
it has nothing to do with nick
maggie says i saw your face when you ran into nick yesterday
mel says i was surprised not scared

chad says so if i tell mel you knew about Andrew all along
you are going to turn it around on me ?
She said i tried to tell mel and you stopped me
chad says she was freaked out enough
over nicks parole , she didnt need to know that
the real enemy was right in front of her
gabi says i get it, you were trying to protect her but im not the enemy
nick is always going to be an issue for her,,since he is working at the pub
i know i messed up and if she finds out it will crush her
but when she finds out what you did
lying and covering things up
she will be destroyed

anne says its was the largest space available
dan says she doesnt need large, she needs to be online
you want to goup against me
no you dont
Maxine smiles

nicole says why are you being so defensive
brady is a great guy and you both share something , you could help each other with
jen says i have to get to work
Nicole says i hope i didnt offend you the other day
jen says no, when you accused me of pushing him aside
you made yourself clear the best thing i can do for Daniel is to give him space
Nicole says i know you dont want to play mind games with him no matter how unintentional it may be
jen leaves
Nicole says there she goes to work with Daniel
oh with the number i just pulled she will probably keep her distance
but just in case she doesnt

mel tells Maggie what her and chad have is real
he is a Dimera
but thats not who he is
she called her mom
she is happy
her and her brother are coming for the wedding
she wants her to be happy too
maggie hugs her and says im happy for you
and we are going to have so much fun planning the perfect wedding
mel says she is going to go visit her mom but wait until the wedding
they are going to have a long engagement
Maggie tells her she has her support always

Melanie leaves

Maggie says she is not in a rush thank god

chad says you hired Andrew to stalk you thats how all this started
she says all i wanted was for you to notice me
he says so its all my fault now
she says yeah maybe if you had of told me it was never going to happen with you
he says i had no idea how you felt about me
she says how could you not
did you look at me once
he says i wish i did then i would have known what a nut job you are
and what you were capable of
she says maybe you just like the idea of me fawning all over you
he says thats what i live for
being stalked by some lunatic girl
who doesnt care if someone dies as long as they get my attention
she says this is not all on me
if you had of noticed how i felt you
you could have told me this was never going to happen for us
and maybe none of this would have happened to Melanie

Nicole goes to visit Maggie
she mentions how dan talked to her about letting her stay there
and how she wanted to let her know
she is grateful
she really is here because of Jennifer
she is concerned about her
she is under a lot of pressure
she went back to work at the hospital
thinks it was impulsive
not sure she can handle that stress on a daily basis
i think Jennifer needs to get away with you
the sooner you leave the better

jen hugs Maxine at the hospital
thinks she will have the best office
Anne wanted her job and was going to put her in the basement
dan stepped in
he has your back
Maxine leaves
dan comes over and welcomes jen back
jen tells him she heard what he did for her with the office
and wished he hadnt
she can take care of herself

rafe says sami is crazy
reckless impulsive
im done with her
i dont need or want that kind of crazy
in my life
i was married to her she was my wife
raised kids with her
what am i going to do just let her self destruct with the jerk
Brady says the jerk
i assume you mean our favourite person in the world?
Rafe says yes ej who the hell else
after everything he has done to her the way he has hurt her
and not to mention the stuff she pulled on him
do they not realize that they are toxic together
brady says are they together
rafe says who the hell knows
im not getting involved with this
brady says sounds like you already are
rafe says why because we kissed?
Dont know why i said anything
it meant nothing
brady says i get it ,,,it meant nothing
you dont care about her anymore
rafe says of course i care
thats the problem

Ej says im waiting
is this because of rafe
she says yes i was all set to go and he showed up here
Ej says and?
she says nothing , he was just
being a normal rafe
Ej says what does that mean
she says he had to make him self heard about , he had to make sure i knew
what a huge mistake i was making
Ej says by spending time with me
what did you say to him ?

Sonny says we just had a misunderstanding
and we have it all figured out now
Will says what should we call this
sonny says no labels right now
the word to focus on is slow
Will says i like that idea
i like slow
they hold hands and smile

brady says so does sami know you still care about her
rafe says i dont know what she thinks not anymore ,not sure i ever did
nothing has changed, no eyes were opened
no great truths were revealed
there is no calls no texts
as far as i know it happened and i walked out the door, for all i know sami and ej could be having the time of their lives
it was a kiss
meant nothing,,, zip
not to her and not to me
rafe leaves

sami says i dont know what you are hoping for, i didnt say anything to rafe
he says why not?
She says cuz its rafe, he does all the talking , he was lecturing me
EJ says no he wasnt he was scaring you away from spending time with me and what i dont understand
why would you listen to that
she says i didnt have much of a choice
he says a choice,,you open the door
and you let this guy in and then you choose to listen to what he had to say
she says you dont need to get angry at me and
this guy is my ex husband we were married for a long time, im not going to slam the door in his face
ej says im not angry
im not angry with you
i didnt mean for it to come across like that, i apologize
im being unfair
he was your husband , you shared a family together
he is is always going to have an investment where you are concerned
but what i dont understand is if he had something to say why couldnt he say it to me ,,to my face
she says i dont know, maybe he didnt want to get into it
he says more likely he wanted to spend time with Nicole and his baby
she says i dont know where he went
im sorry,,,,i really am
i know how special this night was
and how much planning went into it
he says i just wanted to spend some time with you thats it
she says im just not in the mood
i dont feel like going out
he says ok...i understand
im sorry for the way i behaved
im so sorry for that
so ...we can do this another time
im a patient man
he stands up and looks at her
like he wants to hug or kiss her
but doesnt know if he should
so he doesnt and he turns around and slowly walks out the door
he is so sad
he goes to the elevator
he pushes the buttons
and he gets so mad he hits the wall
and decides to take the stairs

Will goes to the pub and talks to gabi
she tells him mel asked her to be a bridesmaid
he is surprised she is going to be
in the wedding
since she tried to break them up

chad and mel back at his place
she tells him Maggie wasnt too happy about her news
and he tells her he is marrying her
cuz he loves her
not because of nick

dan says i didnt mean to get in your way
jen says you had the best intentions
but i can handle this on my own and if that means my office is in the basement then my office is in the basement
dan says ok noted i wont do that again
he goes back to work
Maxine asks her if she is crazy

Maggie says i cant suggest to jen we just leave town
Nicole says not leave, just get away with you , she needs it
Maggie says its not my place or yours
Nicole says sorry if i overstepped
Maggie accepts her apology and opens the door and says goodbye
nicole says damn that woman what a waste of time
jen is on the way to hospital
hopefully she dont run into Daniel
but what if she does ?

jen says he crossed the line
Maxine says he was being nice
standing up for a friend
and you jumped down his throat
jen says you make it sound like i attacked him
maxine says didnt you ?
enjoy your new office
Nicole hears all of this this

Will tells gabi about him and sonny

Nicole visits dan in an office
she asked if she could buy him a coffee
she asks if he is ok
he says he is ok
she says she can tell when there is something wrong and
there isnt anything you cant tell me

sami is still home , out of her dress
wearing jeans
Brady comes over
she says she is ticked off about him hiring Kate
he says he just saw rafe

Ej is at the square
runs into rafe
says Samanthas house is in the opposite direction
you seem to have a tough time keeping your distance from her
rafe says you really dont want to start with me right now
EJ says you dont want to cross me
rafe says get a life
ej says really
i think you would do well to take a little bit of your own advice
you need to except the fact that Samantha has moved on
rafe says with you?
EJ says maybe you should take a look at your divorce paper work
she does not concern you anymore
so get out of her life and mine

mel says out there everything is so unpredictable but in here is safe
and im with the most loving honest amazing man, you are
everything i want and everything i need she hugs him
he looks sad

Maxine asks jen how her new office is
jen says says really nice
and she apologizes
she was right , she was out of line with dr. Jonas
Maxine accepts her apology
she wants to apologize to dan
Maxine tells her he went on break

dan says something happened but he is over it
she says she has some news to share with him
i have a name for the baby
Daniel Rafael after
my 2 favourite saviours
he hugs her
says you dont have to do that
she says i want my baby to have a strong name and strong men to look up to
and i want my baby to know how much i care about you
she kisses him

Brady tells sami that rafe told him
he came to see her
and he was in a mood
but he opened up
he let it all out
sami says what did he say about me
brady says what do you think he said about you?

rafe says thats funny you telling me to leave sami alone
Ej says you heard me?
Rafe says yeah
EJ says good
so now i dont have to repeat myself
EJ starts to leave
rafe says what is that some sort of order
EJ says well it isnt a suggestion
rafe says well you arent the mayor anymore
so i have a suggestion for you
go to hell
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