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Director: Albert Alarr
Script Writer: David A. Levinson

Alice's house - Part 1: Jen calls up the stairs to Abigail that she's heading out. Nicole comes out of the living room and repeats what Jen just said. Jen - Yeah, for a bit. Nicole - Are you going to see Brady? Jen - Brady? Why would you say that? Nicole - I saw you hanging out at the HTS and saw that you were hitting it off so ... Jen - We are friends. Nicole - I know but you two are going through a terrible time right now. It must be nice to have someone like him to lean on. Jen - You mean instead of Daniel. Nicole - Why are you being so defensive. I'm just trying to be positive and forward looking for you. Brady is a great guy and you and he sadly share something that you no doubt can help each other with. That's the only point I was trying to make. Jen - I have to get to work. Nicole - Just one more thing. Since you brought up the subject of Daniel, I just hope I didn't offend you the other day. Jen - Oh when you accused me of pushing him aside. No I didn't take offense to that at all. Nicole - I'm sorry if you think that was the point I was trying to make. Jen - No but I think you were making yourself clear that the best thing I could do for Daniel was give him space. I understand. Nicole - I don't mean to harp on it, that's just what I'm getting from him. I know that you don't want to play mind games with him no matter how unintentional it may be. Jen - I'll see you later. Nicole mutters to herself - Off she goes to work with Daniel. Well with the number I just pulled she'll probably keep her distance but just in case she doesn't ...

Hospital - Part 1: Anne walks up to the nurse's station and hands Maxine a sheet of paper. This is for Jennifer Horton. It's her office assignment. Maxine - B102, is this for real? Anne - That's what it says, isn't it? Dan stops Anne from leaving. Did you forget about the discussion we had the other day. Anne - Discussion? Dan - Yeah about how lucky we all are to have Jennifer Horton working for us and how all of us, you in particular, were to welcome her with open arms. Anne - I simply assigned the woman an office. Dan - Yeah you did. B102. B as in basement. Anne - I don't know what you're accusing me of ... Dan - You know what I'm accusing you of ... of thinking just because she got the job you coveted you can stab Jennifer Horton in the back. Well that is not going to happen. So I suppose it's just a fluke that Jennifer's been given an office in the basement. Anne - It was the largest space available. Dan - She doesn't need large, she needs to be online. You really want to go up against me on this Anne? No, you don't. Anne takes the office assignment and leaves.

HTS - Part 1: Gabi - Over? You're saying that you're going to tell Melanie exactly what I did. Chad - All of it. Everything you did, what you knew about Andrew. Gabi - If you tell Melanie she's going to hate me. Chad - No kidding. He starts walking away until Gabi asks - What about you? Chad - What about me? Gabi - I mean you've known this whole time and you haven't said anything to her. How do you think Melanie's going to feel when she hears about that? Chad - So what are you saying Gabi? That if I tell Melanie you knew about Andrew all along, you're going to turn it around on me? Gabi - Look, I tried to tell Melanie. I know I did things wrong. But you stopped me. Chad - Because she was freaked out enough over Nick's parole hearing, she didn't need to know that the real enemy was right in front of her. Gabi - I get it. You were trying to protect her. Your heart was in the right place, I understand. Chad - All the good that's done, right? Gabi - I am not the enemy Chad. You know Nick is always going to be an issue for her especially now that he's staying in Salem and working at the Pub. Chad - What did you just say? Gabi - Oh you didn't know. Mrs. Brady hired him. Chad - I don't believe this. Gabi - That's why she needs her friends now more than ever. Chad - Don't you talk like you're one of her friends. Get over yourself. Gabi - Chad, look I know I messed up and I know if she finds out that's going to crush her. But if she finds out what you did, lying to her, covering stuff up, she's going to be destroyed. Chad - All I wanted was for Melanie to feel safe and you messed it up. Gabi - Me? Really? I am not the reason Nick got parole. Chad - You hired Andrew to stalk you. That's how all of this started. Gabi - What! All I wanted was for you to notice me that's it. Chad - So what are you saying, that this is my fault now? Gabi - Maybe if you had told me that it was never going to happen between us ... Chad - Are you serious right now! I had no idea how you felt about me. Gabi - Really? How could you not? Did you look at me just once maybe, just once? Chad - I wish I did. Maybe then I would have realised what a nut job you are and what you're capable of. Gabi - Or maybe you just liked the idea of me fawning all over you. Chad - Oh yeah. That's it. That's what I live for, being stalked by some lunatic girl who doesn't care if somebody dies as long as they get my freakin' attention. Gabi stares him down - Chad, this is not all on me. If you had noticed me, noticed how I felt, you know what, you could have told me Gabi, this is never going to happen for us. I'm never going to love you. Then maybe none of this never would have happened to Melanie. She walks away.

Kiriakis mansion - Part 1: Melanie is hugging Maggie. You heard already. Maggie - Word gets around. Mel - I wanted to tell you myself. Do you like it? Maggie looks at the ring - It's beautiful. Mel - I figured you could help me plan the wedding. Won't that be fun! Maggie - Yes it will be, of course. Mel - I figured you'd already have ideas about dresses and flowers, who should sit next to who. Maggie - Well it's your wedding, I wouldn't want to impose. We'll figure it all out together. Mel - You don't really sound very thrilled about this. Maggie - I just want to make sure that this is all happening for the right reasons. Mel - It is. I love Chad so much. He loves me so much. Maggie - But you're in such a hurry to get married. Mel - You think I feel threatened. Maggie - It's hard not to think that. Mel snaps - This has nothing to do with Nick. Maggie - I saw your face when you ran into Nick yesterday. You couldn't get out of here fast enough. Mel - Because I was surprised, not scared and I had somewhere else I had to be. You know how much I've always wanted this; a relationship where somebody loves me and it's real and it's honest. What Chad and I have is real. Maggie - I never doubted your love for Chad. Mel - I know and I was hung up on the fact that he's a DiMera but that's not who he is. Maggie - Of course not but that's not what I'm concerned about. Mel - You don't need to be concerned about anything. I called my mom. She's happy. She's totally fine with it. She and my brother are going to come out for the wedding. Maggie - That's wonderful. Mel - It would be if you were happy too. Maggie hugs her. I am happy for you. We are going to have so much fun planning the perfect wedding for you and Chad. So when is your mom coming? Mel - She doesn't know. She doesn't have her schedule yet. I was thinking I'd go see her in Europe first. Maggie - Yes I think you should go visit her, definitely! Mel - I don't want to leave Chad right now so maybe I'll just wait until the wedding. Maggie - Does that mean you've set a date? Mel - No, not at all. We're going to have a long engagement. I have to go but having your support means everything. Maggie - You have it always. I love you so much. Hugs. Mel leaves. Maggie sighs with relief - She's not going to rush. Thank God!

Common Grounds - Part 1: Sonny - Out of curiousity, when T told you I wasn't interested in Brian, did he mention anything else about it. Anything? Will - Like maybe there's somebody else you might be interested in. Sonny - More or less. Will - Um yeah, come to think of it, he did. Sonny - So T told you that I was interested in you. Will - And he also said that you didn't think I was interested in you. Sonny - That's because I know that you aren't. Will - No. I mean you're wrong. Sonny - But that night I tried to help you ... Will - I was messed up and it wasn't you. You were trying to help me and I realised that and I came to find you to tell you how I felt but ... Sonny - You saw me with Brian. Will - Yeah. That's when I really messed things up. (Cue flashback of sex with Gabi). Anyway I figured you were with Brian and you were kind of out of my league. Sonny - Out of your league? Will - Yeah. I don't know, I'm new to this and I probably let that mess with my head. I'm sorry. This whole thing has been my fault. Is there any way you can forgive me.

Police station: - Part 1: Rafe can't stop remembering the kiss. He gets up and pushes his chair back in frustration knocking a few things over. Brady comes in - What's wrong? Rafe - I'm an idiot. That's what's wrong. Brady sits down across from Rafe - What's going on? Rafe - Sami. Brady - Sami, what about her? Rafe - It's kind of embarrassing. Brady - Embarassing, after everything you guys have been through. Rafe - We kissed alright. We kissed. Brady - That's a bad thing? Rafe just shakes his head.

Sami's apt - Part 1: EJ - Are you ready to go unless you have something you'd rather do this evening? Is there a problem? Sami - EJ, I can't go out with you tonight. EJ - You're cancelling our date when I'm standing here in your living room ready to go. I have the most wonderful surprise planned for you - he's leading her to the door as he's saying this. Sami pulls away. You know what, no, I'm serious. I really can't. Something came up. EJ - What came up exactly? Sami - I forgot that Allie has a school project. It's due tomorrow. EJ - We made this arrangement yesterday. It was your idea. Sami - I know that but I forgot about the project. I'm really sorry. EJ - You're a good liar Samantha but you're not that good. Is this because of what I walked in on earlier. Is this because of Rafe?

Kiriakis mansion - Part 2: Maggie answers the door - Okay what did you forget? She's surprised to see Nicole. Nicole - I'm sorry to drop by. Can I come in or is the warden standing guard somewhere? Maggie - You can come in. Victor's not at home. What can I do for you? Nicole - Daniel told me he talked to you about letting me stay here. He said you were willing despite my history with Victor. Maggie - I know you didn't come all the way over just to thank me for that. Nicole - Of course I did. I'm so grateful that you stuck your neck out for me. You're an angel. Maggie - That's it. Nicole - No. I'm here because of Jennifer. I'm really conceerned about her. Maggie - And why is that? Nicole - I feel that she's under a lot of pressure. Maggie - What kind of pressure? Nicole - Do you know she's gone back to the hospital. She's working there. She got her job back. Maggie - No, I didn't know that. Nicole - That's odd that she didn't share that information with you. I just think it's impulsive. I don't think she can handle that stress on a day to day basis. Maggie - You're telling me this why? Just exactly what do you suggest I do? Nicole - I think Jennifer needs to get away with you. I know she adores you and it would help her escape from the sadness and her memories. For poor Jennifer's sake, the sooner you leave the better. Maggie - I just can't suggest to Jennifer that she leave town. Nicole - Not leave, get away with you. I honestly believe she needs it. Maggie - You know what I'm going to do. I'm going to leave this up to her to decide because it's not my place or yours. Nicole - You're right. I'm sorry if I overstepped. Maggie - Apology accepted. Goodbye Nicole. Outside the mansion Nicole mutters - Damn that woman. What a waste of time. Jennifer's on her way to the hospital. Hopefully she won't run into Daniel. It's a big place, a lot of sick people, but what if she does.

Hospital - Part 2: Maxine hugs Jen. It's so good to have you back. Jen - Thank you. It's so good to be back Maxine. Now I just have to figure out where they're putting me. Maxine - Oh don't worry, I've got a feeling you'll have the best office here. Jen - Why do you say that? Maxine - Because of the way Dr. Dan went off on that nasty woman in HR. Jen - Wait, what nasty woman? Maxine - Anne. You remember her, she wanted your job. She was going to put you in the basement but he stepped in and made her rethink that nonsense. He's got your back girl! Dan sees Jen at the nurse's station and says hi. Welcome back. Jen - Thank you. I heard about what you just did ... my office and Anne, what you did for me. I really wish that you hadn't. I realise you're trying to help but I want you to know that I can take care of myself. Dan - Okay. I didn't mean to get in your way. I didn't mean to imply that ... Jen - I know you had the best intentions and I appreciate your concern but I need you to know that I can handle this on my own and if that means my office is in the basement then my office is in the basement. Dan - Okay I won't do that again. I've got to get back to work. Maxine walks over to Jen - This may be none of my business but girl are you crazy?

Police station: - Part 2: Rafe - She's crazy. You know that. Reckless, impulsive ... Brady - Yup, and you are done with her, right? Rafe - Yeah, I am done with her. I do not need or want that kind of craziness in my life. Brady - I hear you. Rafe - What am I supposed to do? She was my wife. I was married to her. I raised children with her. What am I going to do? Just let her self-destruct with the jerk? Brady - The jerk? I assume you mean our favourite person in the world. Rafe - Yeah, EJ. Who the hell else! After everything he's done to her, the way he's hurt her; not to mention the stuff she's pulled on him. Do they not realise they are toxic together? Brady - Are they together? Rafe - Who the hell knows! I don't know. The only thing I do know for sure and I repeat, I am NOT, I am NOT getting involved in this. Brady - Sounds like you already are. Rafe - What? Because we kissed? I don't even know why I said anything to you. It just came out. Bottom line, it meant nothing. It was meaningles and ... Brady - I hear you, I get it. It meant nothing, you're over it, you obviously don't care about her at all ... Rafe - Why would you say that? Of course I care! That's the problem. I care. Brady - Does my sister know that you still care about her? Rafe - I don't know what your sister thinks, not anymore. I don't know if I ever did. The only thing I know for sure is that talking about it is a colossal waste of time. Brady - So you're done then? Rafe - Well nothing's changed, that's for sure. No eyes were opened, no great truths were revealed. He pulls out his phone. Look at that - No calls, no texts, nothing ... so as far as I know it happened. I walked out the door and Sami and EJ could be having the time of their lives. Brady - By it happened you mean the kiss you guys shared. Rafe - Probably what I've been saying all along, the kiss which yes, is what I meant by it, meant nothing. Zip. Not to her and sure as hell not to me. Good talk. He leaves. Brady just shakes his head.

Sami's apt - Part 2: EJ - I'm waiting. Samantha, is this because of Rafe? Sami - Yes, okay. I was all set to go and then he just showed up here. EJ - And? Sami - Nothing. He was just being normal Rafe. EJ - What exactly does that mean? Sami - That he had to make himself heard. He had to make sure I knew what a huge mistake I was making. EJ - By spending time with me? What did you say to him? Samantha, what did you say to him? Sami - I don't know what you're hoping for. I didn't say anything to Rafe. EJ - Why not? Sami - Cause it's Rafe. He does all the talking; you know, he was lecturing me. EJ - No he was scaring you away from spending time with me and what I don't understand is why you would listen to that? Sami - I didn't have much of a choice. EJ - You opened the door, you let this guy in and then you CHOSE, chose to listen to him. Sami - First, you don't need to get angry with me. Second, this guy is my ex-husband. We were married for a long time. I'm not just going to slam the door in his face. EJ - Look I'm not angry with you. I didn't mean for it to come across like that, I apologise. I recognise that I'm being somewhat unfair. Rafe was your husband and you shared a family together so I suppose he's always going to have an investment where you're concerned. What I don't understand is if he had something to say, why couldn't he say it to me. Why couldn't he say that to my face? Sami - I don't know. Maybe he didn't want to get into it. EJ - More likely he wanted to spend time with Nicole and his baby. Sami - I don't know where he went. Look EJ, I'm sorry. I really am. I know how special this night was ... EJ - I just wanted to spend some time with you, that's it. Sami - I just don't feel up to it now. I'm sorry. EJ - Okay, I understand. Sorry for the way I behaved. We can do this another time. I'm a patient man. He leaves and goes and kicks the elevator doors and stomps off.

Common Grounds - Part 2: Sonny - So you want me to forgive you. Will - Yes. Sonny - For what. We had a misunderstanding. We have it all figured out now. Will - Okay, I guess so. What do you want to call this? Sonny - I don't think we need to call it anything. We don't need to label anything right now. Will - I agree, good point. Sonny - I think the word we should focus on right now is slow. Will laughs - I like that idea. Sonny takes Will's hand in his.

Brady Pub: Will comes in and greets Gabi. What are you reading? Oh bridal stuff. Gabi - Yeah. Will - For Chad and Melanie? Hey, are you okay? Gabi - I'm great. Melanie just asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. Will - And you said yes? Gabi - People don't ususally say no when they're asked to be in your wedding. Will - You do if you'e personally trying to break the couple up. Gabi - Can we please not talk about this. Will - Okay, I was just trying to add some humour ... Gabi - Whatever happened with Chad is in the past and I'm going to keep it that way. Will - Okay. Gabi - Hold on. Sonny? Sonny's the guy you've been into this whole time. Will - Yes he is. It feels so weird saying that without even thinking about it. Gabi - Is he into you? Will - Yeah. Gabi - Wow! Will - I know and the crazy thing is it almost didn't happen. Gabi - Why? Will - Well because for a while I didn't think he liked me that way and he didn't think I liked him that way so ... Gabi - And then what happened? Will - It was all a misunderstanding. It's funny how you can know someone so well as a friend then completely be so wrong about them.

Chad's place: Mel - I could tell my grandma was faking it for my benefit. Chad - I'm sorry babe. Mel - It's okay. I just think she thinks I'm marrying you because I'm freaked out about Nick being out on parole. Chad - Are you freaked out? Is that why you said yes? Mel - You're kidding right. I think I remember asking you if that's why you proposed. Chad - I do remember that. I also remember me telling you no it's not because I am marrying you because I want you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Mel - That goes double for me. They kiss. Mel - Out there everything is so unpredictable but in here everything is safe and I'm with the most honest, loving amazing man. You are everything that I want and you are everything that I need.

Hospital - Part 3: Jen snaps - Maxine, you crossed the line. Maxine - What line? Dr. Jonas was just trying to do something nice for you. Jen - I don't want him to be nice to me. Maxine - Well I think you just took care of that. (Nicole is there now). Jennifer, nobody here doubts your ability to do your job. Dr. Jonas was just standing up for a friend who was getting a raw deal and you jumped down his throat. Jen scoffs - You make it sound like I attacked him. Maxine - Didn't you? He look embarrassed you even knew about it. Jen - Then why did you tell me? Maxine - Because I thought it would make you feel better to know that you had people on your side first day back. Guess I'm the crazy one. Jen - Maxine I'm sorry. I really am. Maxine - Enjoy your new office. Nicole listens and watches. She goes and finds Dan sitting in the lounge. Dan - What are you doing here? Is everything okay with the baby? Nicole - The baby's fine. I had some free time. I thought you'd let me buy you coffee or something. Are you okay? Dan - Yeah. Nicole - Are you sure because I think I know you pretty well and I can kind of tell when something is wrong and I've got all the time in the world. You know there isn't anything you can't tell me. Jen gets off the elevator and sees Maxine. Hi. Maxine - Hello, how's your new office? Jen - It is really, really nice. Maxine - You need something? Jen - Yes, I need to apologise. You were right. I was way out of line with Daniel, with Dr. Jonas and I am sorry. Maxine - Apology accepted. I could never stay mad at you anyway. Jen - Thank you. Do you happen to know where Dr. Jonas is? I need to apologise to him too. Maxine - I think he went on break, excuse me. Dan tells Nicole something did happen earlier that threw him but he's over it. Nicole - Are you? Dan - He is 100%. Nicole - Good because I have some news I want to share with you and I think now is the perfect time. Dan - What is it? She takes his hand and places it on her stomach. I have a name for the baby. Daniel Raphael after my two favourite saviours. Dan - Oh my goodness, you don't have to do that. They hug. Nicole - I want to do it. I want my baby to have a strong name, strong men to look up to and I want my baby to know how much I care about you. They kiss.

Sami's apt - Part 3: Sami has changed and is on the couch when someone knocks on her door. It's Brady. I wanted to talk to you Sami because I figured you'd be a little ticked off at me by now. Sami - Really? Oh .. the whole Benedict Arnold thing. The Kate thing, promoting her instead of throwing her out with yesterday's trash. Yeah I am pretty ticked off about it but I don't feel like talking about it right now. Can we make an appointment for another day for me to bitch you out. Brady - That's fine with me because I didn't want to talk about Kate anyway. Guess who I just came from seeing. Guess. Sami - I don't want to play games. Brady - Rafe. Sami - You saw Rafe. Brady - I did and he mentioned that he had just come from seeing you. Sami - He was here earlier. Brady - It was a real eye-opening conversation given the mood that the guy was in. Sami - He was in a mood? Brady - Yeah but I got him to open up, he let it all out. Sami - Okay, I'll bite. Obviously you want me to ask so what did he say about me. Brady - What do you think he said about you Sami?

HTS - Part 2: EJ sees Rafe walking through the square. You know Samantha's house is in the opposite direction. Rafe - Excuse me? EJ - You seem to have a tough time keeping your distance from her. Rafe - You really don't want to start with me right now. EJ - You don't want to cross me. Rafe - Get a
life. EJ - I think you would do well to take a little bit of your own advice. You need to accept the fact that Samantha has moved on. Rafe smiles - With you? EJ - Maybe you should have a look at your divorce paperwork. Samantha does not concern you anymore so get out of her life and mine. Rafe - That's funny, you telling me to leave Sami alone. EJ - You heard me. Rafe - Yeah. EJ - Good because now I don't have to repeat myself. He starts walking away. Rafe - What is that? Some sort of order? EJ - Well it certainly wasn't a suggestion. Rafe - Well you're not the mayor anymore so I have a suggestion for you, go to hell.
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