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Butt out, Jennifer. Daniel is a grown man who is fully capable of taking care of himself and making his own decisions. If Jack were still alive Jennifer wouldn't even be paying attention to what's going on with Daniel, much less acting so protective.

Much as I dislike this paternity storyline and its execution (but hey, as long as Nicole gets her baby in the end...), I am glad that Daniel is telling Jennifer that the welfare of Nicole's child is his main priority. I just kind of assumed that when Jennifer beckoned, he'd immediately start backing out of their scheme and that Rafe and Daniel would both drop Nicole like a hot potato now that their attentions are focused elsewhere. I don't like their involvement in this, but since they voluntarily chose to play an active part in her situation it would be really flaky and sad for them to leave her hanging now (Rafe especially, as the instigator). I don't want to see Nicole treated like discarded rubbish in favor of tiresome Jennifer and scatter-brained Sami. It's bad enough that we have Sami and others bringing up her porn star past whenever it suits them, even though Nicole was supposed to be a coerced underage victim in that situation. I don't want these two male characters to adopt the attitude that she can and deserves to be dropped at will. Nicole deserves better. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind seeing Nicole continue to have solid, mutually respectful, PLATONIC friendships with Rafe and Daniel once this is all said and done.
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