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It's time for Dee and Eileen to show Ali and whoever her character is feuding with, how catfights and snark is really done. Seriously. I want for Marlena to get her groove, sass and snark on, because she didn't get to use it when Gina was around, or when Hope was being a bitchy know-it-all, or when Kate was lurking around, or with Ava during RoboJohn. And Marlena gives good sass. She's a sassy bitch when she wants to and when her family is threatened. Seriously, she sassed Stefano DiMera every time he had her captive and at his will! She's sassy! And snarky. And we NEED that.

Now, John better not be a moron about Kristen this time. I want him to just stand behind Marlena and smirk as Marlena sasses.
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