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Sep 13 2012, 10:35 PM
Sep 13 2012, 09:38 AM
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Sep 13 2012, 09:10 AM
Rafe could never be the bad guy when it comes to Sami. The man has covered for her enormous ass too many times to count and if he finds himself still wanting a piece of it, then so be it. All is fair in love and war. EJ was fine with Sami sneaking behind Lucas' back to see him and talked to Sami about Lucas not being the man for her and now he's getting the same treatment being done to him and he deserves it. No one deserves it more than EJ than having another man moving in on the woman he's interested in because he didn't have a problem doing the same thing to both Lucas and Rafe.
The big difference is EJ has always wanted Sami - it's never been about just preventing her from being with someone else. Rafe proved yesterday that he's more focused on preventing EJ from having her than actually wanting her himself.
I see Rafe as still loving Sami and wanting the best for her but not wanting to be hurt again.He is fighting his feeling for her and kissed her because he could not help doing so.If Sami loved and wanted EJ,she would have been saying "Rafe" and wrapping her arms around him while kissing him.In fact,I think Rafe is the one who ended the kiss.
My feeling exactly. Rafe is in love with Sami but afraid to give into those feelings. That is Rafe which is why his instaromance with Carrie made no sense for his character.
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