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Monday, Sept. 17th

Hope visits jen at the hospital brings her flowers to celebrate her job
jen tells her she needs to go talk to dan asap

Nicole tells dan the name of the baby
she kisses him
dan stops her and says stop

sami is home talking to herself
says brady i dont need you
to tell me what rafe said about me
ill just ask him, he is pathological honest, she is about to leave when
bo comes in

Ej & rafe at the square
rafe says are you telling me to leave sami alone
EJ says good you heard me and now i wont have to repeat myself
rafe says that sounds like an order
EJ says well it isnt a suggestion
rafe says you arent mayor anymore
so i have a suggestion for you,,go to hell
ej looks at him and punches him in the gut
he falls over on to the couch
and people go running
and they fight

Hope asks her about her first day of work
jen talks about what happened and she needs to apologize to Daniel
she is rambling on and on
Hope thinks she should slow down
jen explains to her about the office
and how dan got her the good office
she has to find him
and talk to him soon

dan says im sorry
i dont want to hurt you
nic says i know this is where you work
i know how professional you are
you looked so sad and i couldnt help it
and it wont happen again
we will keep our personal life private
i will go and wait for your call

bo has final paper work for her arrest
she has to sign it
she signs the papers
he says wait you have to know what you are signing,,,what are you 4?
she says go easy on me , this has been a terrible day and
tonight is even worse
he says sounds like an ordinary day for you
she says she has been all over the place lately , but she is trying to figure out what to do and who to trust
he says the way you live your life
how are you going to do that

EJ & rafe are still fighting
john and lucas are there
and lucas is not laughing his ass off
lucas says to john
do you think sami had anything to do with this?
John says you dont think we should try and stop it do you?
Lucas says no dimera is getting manhandled
we should sell tickets right now
rafe kicks ej and he goes flying over on a table

Sonny and his dad talk at the coffee place
Justin notices he is in a good mood
wonders if it has to do with Brian
sonny says we are just friends
im in a good mood because of someone else
its Will
Justin says will Horton
does your mom know
sonny says yeah i told her i was interested in him
Justin says does sami know
sonny says im not sure
hope she is cool with it
Justin says what if she isnt
sonny says well thats her problem
sami signs the papers
bo says you thought it was a good idea to leave your kids and go aid and abet junior
she says yeah,those kids father
bo says he is a dimera
you said you didnt know who to trust let me help you out with that...not him
she says he turned out to be innocent
he says you didnt know that at the time, did you ever think what would be
you dont think
you just run around putting out fires that you probably started
she says you are a crappy uncle
she leaves

ej and rafe are still fighting
rafe is throwing ej around
and into everything
john says i got to do the right thing
someone could get hurt here
lucas says isnt that the point of a fight
john breaks it up
grabs rafe
another guy holds ej
rafe says what are you doing
you are a cop, you could pay big time for this
the guy holding ej said it was self defence , this guy threw the first punch
john says is that a fact...smooth move
you are no longer mayor
you just get out of jail
how much more are you willing to lose
rafe smiles

jen tells Hope she thought she calmly explained to dan that she can handle negative office politics on my own
but when i looked at his face
thats not what came out of my mouth
Hope says everyone knows what you have been through
jen says i cant believe how i blew up to him and he was just trying to be a friend
Hope says maybe you are angry at yourself
felt like you were betraying jack by letting dan be your friend

Nicole says what
dan says i dont want to hurt you
when i said stop it wasnt because we were in the hospital
she says is it because you are so sensitive to that
he says we made love in my office, sensitive im not
i said stop cuz you want something from me that i cant give you
im not ready for a relationship and you arent either
take your time and focus on yourself and your baby
and your future
think it will be a while before you are ready for another commitment
i dont know if i will ever be able to make that kind of commitment again
she says because you are so fragile
he says you are mad at me, if you want to hate me , hate me ,we talked about this before and i want this to be the last conversation we have about this

Jen says this isnt about jack
i dont want to hurt Daniel again
Hope says how can you do that, dan knows everything you have been through ,there is no way he is thinking about you in romance terms
she says what if he thinks thats what i want him to think
jen flashbacks to a conversation with Nicole telling her not to play mind games with dan
she says what if Nicole is right

nicole says she understands and is sorry if she adds to his problems
he says he is responsible for this too
he allowed himself to be with her in a way that doesnt make sense for either of us
she says for either of us, thats your perception not mine
maybe you think it was a mistake for you but dont make assumptions
about what this means to me
dont say being with you didnt make sense for me
it made all the sense in the world
he says im sorry
im not going to hurt you
you are an amazing woman
you have been through hell and back
you always fought your way back and i respect you for that
you are going to be an exceptional mother to this baby
and give it a great life and you are going to have a great life
but i dont think i can be a part of it
lets cut our loses and move on
she says ok
i kissed you and you didnt want me to
i feel like a fool
my impulses are wrong
but im your friend and im worried about you
i want to know why you are so upset
he says its my daughter
she is engaged to chad
i think its a knee jerk reaction to nick coming out of prison
nic says oh he is ejs brother you and he will be family
he says thank you
she says sorry
if there is anything
jen walks in

rafe says this is your lucky day dimera
im not even going to press charges
EJ says thats big of you
rafe says yeah, there is no point ,you self destruct on your own
rafe leaves
john says to EJ,i think that was the stupidest thing i ever seen you do
EJ says you can go home
john says making an ass out of yourself in public and you got it kicked , you should know you are never going to beat rafe with
Ej smiles and bends down to look john in the eye and says ill just have to think of something else wont i
ej leaves

Justin says does your mom seem cool with it
sonny said no she went on and on about how much baggage he has
and that was before she knew i was seeing Will
Justin says you have to look at this from her point of view ,she and i came from such sane stable families, so we never had any baggage, which is why our relationship was always so serene
and you never had any baggage
with your parents who were
married 3 times divorced twice
sonny says can you tell her that,
Justin says are you nuts
sonny says im glad you are my dad
Justin says be glad your mom is your mom and she is only looking out for you
sonny says i have a feeling this relationship isnt going to be boring

sami runs into rafe outside the pub
says are you ok
you are bleeding,
he says im fine
she says what happened
he says got into a fight with ej
john broke it up
i was so tempted to
sami says to do what
he says nothing, cooler heads prevailed,,its all good
sami says what were you fighting about

Ej calls Justin
says he needs to see him
Justin says yeah tomorrow morning at
11 o' clock
ej says no
sooner than that
Justin says ok 8 o'clock
Ej says no thats not going to work i need to see you now
he is in pain
puts a glass to his head

roman talks to bo at the station
says im sorry i got no choice
i either lay off a bunch of folks or some of us have to take cuts
bo says again
roman gives him an envelope
bo says ill think about it

nic says this isnt a good time
we were having a private conversation
jen says when you have a chance
dan says me and Nicole are done here
he gets a call and leaves
Nicole tells jen they need to clear the air about Daniel
nic says you interrupted a very important conversation
he was telling me about something that upset him
Melanie is engaged to marry chad
jen says what when ?
Nic says dan thinks its because of that whacko nick fallon
sorry you are related
dan was confiding in me when you walked in so i got over protective
you know how that is when you are close to someone
im sure you felt that way about jack
jen says you keep talking about how close the 2 of you are getting and now dan is confiding in you
shouldnt you confide in people that you really trust
meaning werent you the one who spent months covering for his wife when she was having another mans baby
i can see chloe trusting you but daniel?
Nicole says well things change
Nicole leaves
jen says to herself yeah but you dont

Hope at the station with roman
he says think it over discuss it with Bo
she says she understands and knows how much she loves the job
and how much it means to her
roman says just like bo

Bo is at the square
sits on the couch
and opens the letter
that roman gave him
says damn it

rafe says you want to know if we were fighting about you
she says no , were you?
he says no sorry but we cant stand one another
she says true, but
you dont normally end up in a fist fight
he says he hit me first ask him
she says why did he hit you ?
He says thats the way he acts when he doesnt get what he wants
sami says what did he want ?
He says what difference does it make
she says it makes a huge difference to me

jen talks to dan
apologizes for how she acted
he was being her friend
it bothers her that she went off on him like that
he says he has been through it and understands
dont worry about him
she thanks him for letting her off the hook
she goes back to work

Hope meets Bo at the square
she says how will we get by
i can take in laundry
ciera can get a job
i can sell jewellery
bo says you arent taking this seriously?
She says we are the lucky ones
we are in good shape
we can roll with the punch
he says this stirs things up
she notices that he bought a sailing magazine
he says its not about the money for me
she says it hasnt been about money for us in a long time
but it doesnt send a thanks for all that hard work kind of message
he says not that i expected that
doesnt seem to be bothering you
she says i dont like it but i know how much i love my job
i dont need it for the money
i need it for other things
she loves the job but he isnt feeling the same way
he says i do love my job
remember when we went sailing around the world with Sean Douglas
everyone thought we were crazy
but that was the best thing in the world for us
cierra deserves something like that too
im happy with the job
its not our family me you and the marriage
she says i know , you dont ride off with a guy on a motorcycle and expect him to be a 9 to 5 sort of guy , i adore and love that guy i want you to stay that guy
is that what this is about
he says he doesnt know
thanks for not saying the mid crisis life

Lucas is at the coffee place
talking to kate
says he ran after rafe wanted him to press charges but he didnt listen to me
kate says thank god you werent involved
he says sami and i are history, dont need to mix it up with her suitors
kate says thats what it was about?
Lucas says what else

sami says we have to agree ej doesnt normally pick fights with people in public where there are witnesses
he had to be provoked
he says i didnt provoke him
she says maybe not intentionally , but ej is very intuitive
maybe he picked up on the fact that things have changed between us since
he says since when
she says since you kissed me

ej goes into an office at the hospital with Justin
Justin says all this urgency and secrecy ,just tell me this isnt about anything illegal
ej says no this is about justice being served

Bo says dealing with the Dimeras day in and day out is like banging your head against the wall
im not excited about going to work
and i know you still are
she says i want to be married to someone that wants to do what he wants to do,not something i want him to do
what ever you decide will be ok no matter what
i want you to do something that makes you happy
he says we will figure it out

lucas say she doesnt care what she does to sami but leave his kids alone dont want them hurt
if they are hurt she will lose him and them forever
kate says i dont want them to pay only sami

rafe says the kiss it happened
and it was stupid
she says feelings arent stupid
he says you more than anyone else
you should know there are stupid feelings
im not going to stand here and regret all the stupid things i have done
but in case you were wondering if that kiss meant something
it didnt,,,,no
he walked off

dan comes to jens house
Nicole answers the door
he says he was blunt before
she says are you back for round 2
he says i still think you are a great friend and i will continue to do anything to keep Ej from finding out the truth
you dont have to worry about that
she says that means a lot
this can get complicated with melanie marrying chad
he says thats my problem dont worry about me
just worry about you and the little dude
good night
he leaves
she says well he didnt have to come here to tell me that
i think he wanted to see me ,this isnt over its far from over
and it could be me and baby makes 3
even if i have to run over snow white
with my car

EJ says everything we have to talk about is completely legal, completely above board
EJ gives him money
says this way all this is privileged
Justin says i dont understand why you want to hire me of all people
Ej says i cant represent myself
and i trust you
if you are representing me
the people involved will take this very seriously

Justin says take what seriously?
EJ says i want to insist on a paternity test for Nicoles baby the moment its born cuz i need proof
Justin says proof of what?
EJ says rafael hernandez
is not that childs father, i am
i want proof of that
and proof of conspiracy
Justin says what conspiracy
ej says rafe is not that childs father
jennifer is outside the door listening
Ej says nicole and rafe are lying and in order to support that lie they fabricated a paternity test and dr. jonas took that test and switched it for the real one
Justin says those are pretty serious charges
EJ says and they should have very serious consequences
Nicole will be left with nothing
rafe is out on his ear and dr. jonas
lets say his career will be blown sky high
jennifer is shocked
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