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I'm not sure whose ass I wanted to get kicked by the other...EJ or Rafes. Too bad they both didn't knock each other out. :)

It's laughable that EJ wants to do anything by the book with Justin. Such a fucking hypocrite! Ej did the exact same thing that Nicole did at one point...deny a parent their child...at least Nicole isn't throwing bloody clothes in the river.
If EJ had any brains, he may want to consider why women want to keep their kids from him...it isn't because he is such a swell, nice dude.

Nicole needs to let the Daniel shit go. Pathetic mess! As much as I hate Daniel, the man did tell her that he isn't interested. At all. The fact that she can't stop sniffing him is gross. I can't even look forward to this scheming. :(

Glad Rafe blew Sami off about his feelings. Bet she goes running to EJ since her hero isn't cooperating.

The only good thing about this show sounds like the small John spoiler.
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