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camera shy

Sep 14 2012, 02:10 PM
Sep 14 2012, 01:58 PM
Love Lucas being there to see Ej get his block knocked off...

Love Super Rafe..

Evill Ej and wanting to destroy everyone who gets in his way. Just go get your wife and baby EJ, take care of them and act right, no more of this foolishness that ALWAYS blows up in your face. He should know that the way he has been acting he deserves for the baby to be hidden from him, he needs to go back to the way he treated Nicole Before the deadbabysex reveal.
I could not disagree more. For the first time in maybe FOREVER, EJ has the high moral ground on this issue. He's not evil....he's 100% right about everything that Nicole, Rafe, and Daniel have done! He's not being foolish, he's using legal means to gain access to his child that these three people have decided he shouldn't even know is his.

Going back to Nicole is not even an option at this point. If he wants to be in his child's life, a child that Nicole plans to name after two other men, he has to do what he's doing.

Well it's a shame he doesn't stick with dealing with Rafe legally and has to to resort to blackmail. And we all know how that will work out for him. He doesn't even deserve his son all he's interesting in is sticking it to Rafe because Rafe will soon be sticking in to Sami. :rolleyes:
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