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Friday CDN .. Monday US via Holly99 @ SOC

Sharon tells Nick & Victoria she’s confident the judge will rule in her favor.
Avery arrives and tells them the judge is ready to give his ruling.
Avery says .. Sharon’s medical information is private .. so .. only Sharon & the lawyers are allowed in the Court room.
Sharon tells Victoria she can fill in time by packing up her stuff.
Billy arrives & tells Nick & Victoria he thinks he understands Sharon’s behavior.
Billy says he knows what it’s like to be pushed to the edge by Victor.
He says it can make you so p*ssed off .. you do things you wouldn’t normally do.

At Crimson Lights .. a messenger delivers Tucker’s Final Divorce Decree.
He’s down in the dumps & calls Ashley.
Ashley doesn’t pick up .. so .. he leaves a message.
Sharon calls Tucker & Tucker tells her to remain confident.
Sharon tells Tucker she’ll call him the minute the judge rules.
Devon arrives & Tucker “sings him a sad song”.
Devon wants to cheer him up .. so .. he suggests they go to a movie.
Tucker says thanks-but-no thanks .. he’s waiting for a business call.

Ronan tells Michael that Daisy’s at Fairview under an assumed name.
Michael learns Daisy is in a coma.
Ronan says Daisy being alive disproves Paul’s story.
They wonder if Daisy was running from Ricky .. or .. the law.

At Jimmy’s Bar .. Paul tells Nina .. if a jury saw Ricky’s video .. they’d find him guilty.
Michael & Ronan arrive .. update Paul .. and ask him to recount the events that led to the shooting.
Paul is adamant that Ricky said he killed Daisy.

Paul goes to Fairview to see if he can find someone Daisy confided in.
Paul speaks to a worker .. but .. the worker says he’d lose his job if he spoke to Paul.

At the GCAC .. Nikki suggests to Billy that it’s probably a relief for him to have Victor gone.
Nikki wants Billy to show Victor’s picture on his RS show & provide a Tip Line number.
Billy says the producers call the shots .. but he’ll pass the idea along to them.
Jack arrives & Billy leaves.

Nikki wants to talk to Jack about their divorce.
Nikki denies she’s chasing after Victor & says she just wants to make sure he’s okay.
Jack throws Nikki’s words back in her face & says he’s made his choice.
Jack says he’s seen this show before & knows how it ends.

Gen call Tucker & tells him Victor isn’t safe where he is.
Tucker says Victor can take care of himself & to wait until NE stock crashes before bringing him home.
Gen says Victor is an asset he needs to protect .. Tucker says there are a lot of people who can run NE.
Billy calls Gen & says they can’t delay Victor’s return much longer .. or .. he’s in danger of losing his family.

When she takes lunch to Victor .. Sister Celeste is injured by a forklift.
Victor says it wasn’t an accident.
Gen tells Victor he has the right to risk his own life .. but .. not Sister Celeste’s.
Victor decides to move on.

At the Cop Shop .. Nina begs Ronan not to stop doing his job .. but .. to look beyond the evidence.

The ruling comes in.
Sharon is re-instated as CEO.
Tucker & Jack gleefully watch as NE stock shares crash.


Heather to Daniel: You’re thinking that far in the future ?
Daniel: I’m kinda crazy about you.

Nick: Just know I love you too, okay.
Summer: You’re moving out. Aren't you ?

Lauren to Paul: You never would have shot your son if it wasn’t for me.
Avery: What are you talking about ?

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