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If I was writing Dool I would have to deal with the cards on the table. Despite the fact that I am no EJ fan at all, I recognize the potential the character has as a complex layered villain, and I think EJ/Sami/Lucas does still have potential but not in the way the story has been told in the past few years.

To start from the current story, I would have Sami continue to vacillate between EJ/Rafe until November (as she likely will on the real show). The audience would know Rafe was in heart. Sami would decide the only way to force a stubborn way to reveal his feelings would be to commit to marry EJ. Sami and EJ would plan to elope in Vegas despite all the alarms telling Sami this is a horrible idea including flashbacks of 2002. Sami would scheme to make sure Rafe finds out and she would let fate decide which man to be with (shades of Sami and Kate's fake fortune teller from 2004/5 era) If Rafe shows up and stops her then she will reunite with him, but if Rafe doesn't then she will marry EJ and accept her fate. Like clockwork, Rafe backs off his pride and comes to Vegas to stop Sami from marrying EJ, Sami reveals her scheme but passion overflows between she and Rafe as they consummate in the chapel. An enraged EJ finds out and has revenge on his mind.

EJ heads back to Salem and kidnaps Sydney and Johnny as a terrible storm rages (this would be a huge plot point for the rest of the cast). He tells the kids they are going on a special trip, but he has no plans of ever returning to Salem. He wishes that he could retrieve his child with Nicole but the low pressure from the severe storm as just induced her labor. The pilot tells EJ they should wait but he is eager to get out of Salem as soon as possible and orders the pilot to take off consumed by his rage. They get airborne but the plane downs just near the city limits causing a massive fire, Daniel and Nicole were on their way to the hospital and are enveloped by the flames. Daniel is killed and Nicole's baby boy is in bad condition, meanwhile EJ is devastated as Sydney is declared dead on the scene and Johnny is in critical condition.

At the hospital everyone arrives to pray for the children, Sami feels some guilt for playing with a dangerous man's emotions but she still unloads on EJ with a fury. An injured EJ unloads back on her as they reach a point of no return. Nicole finally comes clean with EJ that her son is his and the boy may need Sydney's organs to survive (ala Zach/Claire). Meanwhile Kayla takes Sami aside and tells her tests show there is no way this new baby could be Johnny's brother. EJ gets the same information and Stefano reveals that Johnny was always Lucas' son and he changed the tests because he desperately wanted to have a grandson with Marlena that he could mold. It would be the closest thing to actually sharing a child with her. EJ nearly murders Stefano from his hospital bed.

Lucas is informed of the developments and is excited but also sad because he was finally getting away from Sami but now old feelings and memories good and bad have been stirred up. Over the next few weeks, Sami becomes very stoic and cold and neither Rafe or Lucas can reach her. Sami goes back to place of darkness and hatred that she hasn't reached since 2005 during the Stan mess. Now that their aren't anymore ties between them Sami feels the only way to rid of the cancer in her life is to kill EJ once and for all...

This would lead into a dark umbrella storyline for 2013 centering on Sami fighting between darkness (killing EJ) and light (her family, children). At first Lucas and Rafe would both try to bring her back from the brink, but eventually this role would go fully to Lucas. Someone on 2nd Chances mentioned that Lucas is Sami's "Peeta" and that's partially how I would design their relationship. Since Lucas has been Sami's conscience essentially since he changed, I would draw on that history. I would also have Sami examine how her life has spiraled out of control in regards to men eventually taking Sami all the way back to her rape from Alan as I believe she never really dealt with that.

The whole storyline would also involve Marlena, John, Stefano, Kristen, Nicole, Rafe, Emily, Victor, Maggie, Eric, a returned Belle, Philip and Chloe but I have yet to develop all those details although I would look closely at the 1994-1997 stories as my template. At this point I have resolved that as long as Dool continues, EJ and Sami and insert other male will continue to dominate so at least I would want to have a story that pulled in a large portion of the rest of the cast and was different than the dreck we've been fed for the past few years.
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