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Sep 14 2012, 04:01 PM
Sep 14 2012, 01:58 PM
HTS - Part 4: Bo sits on the couch and opens the envelope and reads the letter. He is not happy. Bo is reading a sailing magazine when Hope comes up from behind and hugs him - Buy you a beer Mister? Bo - Are you sure we can afford it? Hope - Oh my gosh, how are we going to get by. You know what, I'll take in laudry. Maybe Ciara can get a job, what do you think? Bo - You can sell jewelry! Hope - I can! Bo - So you're not taking this seriously. Hope - Seriously! Look at me, we're the lucky ones. We're in pretty good shape. We can roll with this punch. She gives him a quick kiss. Bo - We've always rolled with the punches no matter what but this kind of stirs things up. Hope - I know. When my man buys a sailing magazine I know something's on his mind. Bo - You don't become a cop for the money. This whole paycut thing ... hell it should have happened a long time ago. It's not about the money for me. Hope - I know. It hasn't been about the money for us for a long time. But it doesn't send a 'thanks for all the hard work' kind of message. Bo - Not that I ever expected that but it doesn't seem to be bothering you. Hope - What do you want me to say? Look, I don't like it but Brady, I just know how much I love my job. And I don't need it for the money, I need it for other things. Bo - Other things? Oh man, so now what, we're going to talk about our feelings? Hope - I know, you like evidence you can bag and send up to forensics. Bo - Yeah and you love this job. Hope - Yeah, but you're not feeling the same way, are you? Bo - Fancy Face it's not ... I do love my job. You remember us going sailing around the world with Shawn Douglas. Hope - Did we? Must have slipped my mind. Bo - And everyone thought we were crazy but that was the best thing in the world for you and I and our boy. We became tight as a family and everything that's happened with Ciara, she deserves something like that too. Hope - Of course she does. Bo - Like you said, it's not the job, I'm happy with the job. It's not the family, it's not you and me and the marriage. Hope - I know. You don't ride off on the back of a motorcycle with a guy and expect him to be 9-5, run of the mill. And because I adore and love that guy, I want you to stay that guy. That's what this is really about, isn't it? Bo - No, I don't ... heck, who knows. Thanks for not saying the midlife crisis thing. They hug. They're sitting at a table now having a drink. Bo talks about how dealing with the DiMera's day in and day out is like beating your head against the wall. When I wake up in the morning I'm not excited about going to work and I know that you still are. Hope - It was never part of the deal that we had to feel the same way about things. I want to be married to someone who's doing what he wants to do not something he thinks I want him to do. Bo - You know this wife thing that you're doing right now, pretty high scores. We've got a 9.9. 9.9 and oh I think there's a 10. Hope - The 9.9's, what's with that! Bo - Oh, Russian judges. Hope laughs. Bo - Thank you. They kiss. Hope - I know this is important but I don't think it's serious. I know that whatever you decide it's going to be okay. I want you to be doing something that makes you really happy. Bo - We'll just have to narrow down those options. Hope kisses him - You'll figure it out. Bo - Nah, we'll figure it out. They kiss again.

As cheesy as the first part of that conversation sounds I'm totally looking forward to it :wub:

It's about time we got some Bope scenes where the focus was on them as a couple, I just can't believe that they couldn't come up with something more original for Bo's exit...

now if we could only get some John and Marlena scenes I'd be one happy viewer :)

Thanks for posting Pat and Skye :)
it is kinda cheesy & a bit ridiculous, but it is fun, & lighthearted at times, and most importantly as you pointed out ALL ABOUT BOPE AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE! I'm glad that these scenes aren't a single-episode plot point & that Bo & Hope's future will be further discussed in the upcoming week. I think we can all guess that Bo will resign from the police force while Hope will decide to stay on. That said, i'm sure that once Bo & Hope decide this, the story will be dropped & we'll move on to the next waste of Bo & Hope airtime until about a week before Peter's last episode where his exit will be rushed in 30 min or less of combined exit story airtime. It's too bad that TomSell didn't start this story sooner. It would've been a great story for the main reasons that it would be a Bo & Hope story about Bo & Hope that didn't involve a romantic interloper & because it would be relevant & people could relate to it. No there wouldn't be any action or crazy cliffhangers, but it would've still provided marital stresses and there could've been arguments/disagreements, seeing Hope adjust to not working with Bo (well, that one we might still get to see), Bo go through trying to figure out what his new career would be, etc.
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