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I'm not surprised. And I'm human enough to feel some schadenfreude that a show that has made one bone-headed decision after another--rehiring T&W tops the list--and jerked around its core audience into the bargain is reaping its just deserts in lousy ratings. Because practically from the moment T&W's names reappeared in the credits, the show has been on a downward, or maybe I should say, backward course. The new/old writers have gone back to telling the same kind of stories and heavily featuring the same characters/couples who drove viewers away in the first place. Crap doesn't smell any better the second time around.

Whatever technical edge T&W 2 might have over MarDar in terms of plotting and pacing, they pretty much piss away by focusing on characters who are already overexposed/overplayed or who viewers simply don't care about. They've learned nothing since they were fired last year, and their hubris in trying to drag the show back to their "glory days"--which weren't that glorious to begin with--makes that fact painfully evident.
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