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Yay! No big loss on either front. The writers and Graziadei haven't been interested in Daniel in yeeeears. Talk about a waste. And I have no idea what happened to Billy Miller but Billy Abbott became a serious joke. This should be a future leading man. I like Miller but he was just too much to watch at times. Ugh. Horrible.

So far, I'm liking the Y&R bloodbath. The right folks are getting cut or leaving on their own. I would also probably venture a guess that JFP isn't letting what I expect Miller and Graziadei to have whatever outs they want. MAB probably gave them everything to keep them around.

So to sum it up ...

Genevieve, Harmony, Abby, Heather, Billy and Daniel are all likely out sometime this year. LOL. Y&R has so much dead weight and poorly defined character's. It's really really sad. HOWEVER, Genevieve was a piss-poor (no offense Genie Francis!) attempt at replacing Nikki, Ashley and Jill all in one fell swoop, IMO. It failed. Abby was aged waaaay too much. They could have gotten the same storyline mileage out of her as a highschool/boarding school student. Not some 30 year old brat. I like Marcy Rylan though. And I love Debbi Morgan, but Harmony was a complete bust. If MAB wanted that age range filled, um, how about Tonya Lee Williams' Olivia, who has a son, Nate, that was ripe for storyline. MAB, you are stupid.

I'd venture a guess Abby will probably be recast. I could also see Billy recast. Not sure about Daniel. I

I'm thinking we aren't even close to done with the cast exits, however, Y&R's younger set will probably take a HUGE hit. It's too bad MAB spent years wasting all of the potential Billy, Chloe, Heather, Chance, Daniel, Abby, etc. had to carry this show into the next generation. Heather has been miscast as much as Mac has been miscast (I still say Landon should have been Mackenzie and Vail should have been brought back as Heather). Chance was tossed aside in favor of Ronan.

I like Greg Rikaart but I also feel like they should cut their losses with Kevin too.

The whole younger set is a hot mess.
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