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Viewing Single Post From: Ratings for Week of September 3-7, 2012

Sep 15 2012, 09:06 AM
Sep 14 2012, 05:52 PM
Ha ha ha ha that's what the Rafe show gets ya days....
Oh for fuck sakes-not the old one character/ one couple is ruining the show argument again. For the gazillionth time, one actor or couple does not make or break a show no matter how you hate or love them.
Well for me it is true.....I have flip-flopped for over 30 yrs between Gh & Days by who was front & center. I only watch character & couples not story. I will not watch when a character I hate is focused all the time. :shrug: I have even watched a soap I new nothing about when both Gh & Days had ones on I don't watch. I watch to enjoy a soap & if not I find something I do . I will be sad if soaps go but if they don't rotate the charters it's on them. People get tried of the same ole. :shame:
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Ratings for Week of September 3-7, 2012 · General Daytime News