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The Room Stops
Sep 15 2012, 12:10 PM
Sep 15 2012, 11:48 AM
For me just having a vet in a scene is not enough. They're not relevant. That's like Marlena just being a good listener, BOPE talking about bills and career choices. They are outside the action while the same boring ass people are showcased everyday and acting so stupid.
This is so true. I love my Marlena, and I love my J&M, but if she has two lines in a show, I won't watch. I will watch a scene on youtube like I am now and not give two figs. If J&M are center of the action, if the things they are involved with and do have consequences, then it becomes interesting. It used to be that everybody had their own lives, their own little story, but people also interacted across those lines. And John & Marlena going on the run affected Bo & Hope, it affected Shane and Kim because Shane got involved, Victor was involved and so forth. There were more than three characters in a story. They had their own little drama, but that drama had effect.

Sami and Marlena having a conversation about Sami's life when that life is solely about choosing between three men and has no actual consequence... sorry, not interested. If the situation was that Sami and Marlena were having a conversation about love and happiness, as we saw Stefano prepare to kidnap Marlena or plot to destroy their lives. Or if we saw Sami discuss whether to choose EJ, Rafe or Lucas and we saw EJ actually BE the evil guy that he is, we saw Rafe lying for Nicole yet again, and Lucas choosing to stay on Kate's side (thus opposing Sami's)... it would have at least some drama in store. But there's nothing.

Yes, there should be fluff, but it can't be ALL fluff. Now, it's all fluff.

I love John & Marlena having a fluff scene and I love them being cutesy, but I don't want that to be all. I want them to have fights and be in danger. I seriously do not understand why the writers don't get this.
Well said. Fluffy scenes are a soap staple too so I like them thrown in there to represent the romance part of soaps, but the past years its one way or another.

I wouldnt mind the vets supporting so much the "main characters" if they too had a side story, but all they are used for now is stopping fights, truth telling or some insignificant thing any day player can be hired to say.
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