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Sep 14 2012, 07:03 PM
Sep 14 2012, 01:41 PM
Love seeing Glee on top..The premiere was fantastic. I'm loving the New York stuff and the new additions..I thought Kate was great. And wow, some hot eye candy this season...I'm looking forward to them adding in Santana..But I could really care less about the other cast members...
Wish Glee would have just moved on with the seniors and it only be about them. Too many of the new cast are just a 2.0 version of graduating seniors. I thought the premiere was okay, but I am cautiously optimistic on the overall season. The last two seasons started strong but then fades.
I thought it was just ok also. I think there are way too many characters and it's too disjointed. They need to cut down on the number of characters and make their stories more compelling. And I am probably in the minority but I was never into the whole Kurt and Blaine relationship and maybe part of it is because the show treats them more like friends then boyfriends. Of course they have no issues showing two girls kiss on the show.
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