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Yes Sharon had a baby at 18, but I don't think she deserves to be labelled as a slut for that. When she fell inlove with Nick she was a good mother who was kind and had morals, and yes she slipped up every now and then but don't we all? Also, the reason I fell inlove with Shick so much is because their marriage was realistic, and their love was believable. They had issues in their marriage like many other couple in America. Sharon was never the same after Cassie died, and I don't think I could blame her for loosing her mind after what she's been through.

Well, if we are talking real life...
Tomorrow is my 34th Anniversary to the same man.
Father to all 4 of my kids, no paternity tests or questions as to whom the father was.
There was no infidelity slip ups.
When we got in a fight I didn't go kiss my father in law or hop in my husbands friends bed.
Can't compare Sharon and Nicks marriage to real life.
That is why it's a soap opera.
Marriage is hard enough without worrying that your spouse is going to run to the first slut or studly around. That, fortunately ,was never an issue.
We went through a lot worse things in our marriage without tossing in the towel and divorcing then remarrying or marrying brothers.
I stuck around after alcoholism, losing my home of 28 years to fire, losing one to foreclosure, heart attacks, quadruples, impotence, diabetes, job losses and NOT get divorced or locked up in an asylum, ANY one can.

Marriage isn't for sissies or the faint of heart, but to compare it to a soap opera...
you can't justify Sharon or Phyllis.

BTW, Sharon was 17 when she had Cassie. More than likely 16 when she got pregnant.
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