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Sep 12 2012, 08:40 PM
I forget what happened to the politician Amber was into last season?
I don't remember either, but I was also wondering myself about it..

I loved the premiere. This show always gets to me. It has such simple, lively stories and many times I find myself in them, or someone from my family in them. And I can relate so easily and that's why I love this show so much.

I always feel bad for everyone when they do a Max related issue. This is one that I cannot really relate, but I can just tell that it's a very difficult situation for everyone involved. I mean, I bet as a parent, sometimes you want to freak out because you have such a demanding child, but then again, you know it's not his fault and you have to be the one to calm him down. It has to be so difficult.

I love Amber! Mae Whitman is such a great young actress. I wish she had more to do, cuz lately I've been feeling she's underused. Hopefully this year, they will give her more to do.

I loved Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar's religion story. It's such a complex and believable story.

OMG, American Idol dude! Couldn't remember his name until I read it here though LOL And Ray Romano.. it's so weird seeing him outside of "Everyone Loves Raymond". I know he's done stuff after Raymond, but I really haven't seen him in anything other than that, so it's so bizarre. But I'm looking forward seeing what he brings. Though it's weird that they have another guy for Sarah. But I guess all of that Mark insisting that he and Sarah will forever be together and he should be in a photo, could have been forshadowing of that not being true.

And then, the best thing about this episode was Haddie storyline and her leaving to college. OMG! It reminded me so much of the time I was leaving home and going away for college. It's been ten years since, but I still remember it. And thinking back, I was so excited to get away from home and be on my own, cuz I was so much into having freedom to go out, partying and do whatever (even though my parents didn't really forbid me from doing that even back home..) But looking back on it now, I know how hard it was for my parents (my mom especially), since I was their only kid and I was going away forever, basically. Just like with Haddie and Kristina and Adam... it really got to me.

Anyways, awesome premiere! Looking forward for more!
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