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Sep 16 2012, 12:17 PM
Sep 16 2012, 08:27 AM
A lot is riding on the returns of Kristen & Eric - will those two actors bring over their fanbases from their previous soaps?
That I think is the acid test for whether or not Tomlin & the other guy remain as headwriters past early 2013.
And hey, I'm happy to blame Rafe and Daniel for the decline in ratings - I dislike both characters, and it's beyond me why NBC thinks those two are the greatest things since sliced bread, ditto for Ali Sweeney too.
There isn't any actor out there thats going to matter. Y&R spent the last 3 years bringing in named soap vet one after the other with what result? And if Greg Vaughn has 10,000 fans(I love the guy) and they all by chance start watching Days what difference will it make. This show brought back Marlena, John, and Jack and it didn't make a difference in the long run in terms of ratings. Shows need to stop casting names with the idea they are going to themselves bump up ratings. They won't. James Franco, a popular actor, actually had a negative impact on GH. And they threw him into a story with their so called most popular character.

I don't get the big deal with Rafe or Daniel or Sami but I also don't get the big deal with EJ, Nicole or Will or Melanie or Jennifer. There isn't anyone in this cast who is must see TV, although I'll probably tune in to watch Peter Reckell only because I don't believe I'll ever see Bo again.
But if these big name actors got a well written story from start to finish the ratings might improve. Days brought back those vets but kept the story focussed on Sami's never ending dramas. If Marlena and John had been given a major s/l and Jack's PTSD had been properly explored, instead of dropped because he was making Jen/Dan look bad then they might have made a difference. Basically you need actors and writers. At least it sounds like they might actually have a storyline figured out for ED and the DH's so who knows? It just remains to be seen how many fans are left to bother watching, especially if the next three weeks are going to be more of the Safe, Dannifer, Melanie show.
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