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Y&R -- Tucker calls Ashley and leaves a message after receiving a copy of his final divorce decree. Adam makes preparations to close a secret deal. Christine heads for a heated confrontation with Phyllis. Sharon's verdict is in. Genevieve tries to get Victor to take some good advice. When Genevieve reports to Tucker that Victor's life is in danger if Victor continues to hang around the docks, Tucker tries to convince Genevieve to keep Victor in California for just a couple of more days. Genevieve also reports to Billy that she believes that Victor is in danger - but Billy remains hung up on his fear that Victoria will hit the roof if she learns that Billy located Victor long ago - but kept the news secret. After Sister Celeste is almost killed when a forklift on the docks collapses, Genevieve suggests to Victor that Victor's stubborn determination to continue stirring up trouble on the docks has put Sister Celeste's life in danger. Victor gives serious thought to Genevieve's suggestion, and decides that the time has come for him to move on. Nick and Victoria are disappointed when they learn that Sharon will be resuming control of Newman Enterprises. Jack and Tucker prepare to make whopping stock purchases when news about Sharon's return as Newman's CEO leaks out, and Newman stock takes another nosedive. Sharon insists that Nick and Victoria join her in a press conference which Sharon believes will help bolster stockholders' confidence in the future of Newman stock. Nina urges Ronan to continue investigating the circumstances surrounding Ricky's death, even though the fact that Ricky apparently did NOT kill Daisy makes it appear that Paul killed Ricky deliberately. Kevin tries to convince Billy that Billy should tell everyone everything which Billy has learned about Victor. After Ronan, Michael, Nina and Paul confirm that Daisy really IS alive, but is in a coma following an overdose of pills, Michael and Ronan worry that the fact that Daisy is still alive means that Paul was wrong when Paul insisted that Ricky told Paul that Ricky had killed Daisy. However, Paul hopes that Daisy will be able to confirm how wild and crazy Ricky had become, and makes attempts to visit Daisy in the hospital. After Paul has no luck getting through to Daisy, Avery subpoenas Daisy to testify in Paul's defense, even though Daisy is in a coma. When it begins to appear that Daisy possibly may not recover in time to provide a defense for Paul, Lauren makes plans to make a confession which could help Paul. After Lauren spills everything which she knows to Avery, Paul insists that Avery should NOT use any part of Lauren's confession in Paul's defense. When Christine unexpectedly returns to town, Christine makes a suggestion which COULD assist Paul in the long run. -- CHRISTINE will return to Genoa City in late September, when Phyllis's trial for the hit and run gets under way. TRACI will also return to Genoa City, probably in time for the show's historic 10,000th episode. The residents of Genoa City make plans for a memorial service for Victor after they receive word of the mogul's untimely passing. As family and friends gather for Victor's memorial, during a montage of Victor's life, Katherine speaks about Victor's history and extolls Victor's virtues as a wonderful father and upstanding member of the community. In the middle of Katherine's walk down memory lane, Victor arrives. As Katherine sums up her observations by remarking that the one thing to remember about Victor is that Victor always had the last laugh, Katherine catches sight of Victor. Nikki's emotional distress takes a turn when a presumed dead Victor makes an unexpected appearance at his funeral. However, Victor blasts Sharon, Nikki and Adam when he returns. LILY faces startling changes. Another murder takes center stage. MICHAEL DAMIAN will return as DANNY ROMALOTTI in time to celebrate Y&R's 10,000th Episode on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. -- Young and Restless has a casting call out for a new African American male who will already have an MBA degree, and was orphaned while still in his teens. The character's name is currently TYLER DOUGLAS. Although many suspect that this casting call was for someone to serve as a recast for DEVON, set insiders are denying those reports. There are reports that TYLER DOUGLAS is definitely a new character who will go to work at Jabot and begin working with Lily. Tyler will be Sarge's nephew and will be cocky and self-assured.
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