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Sep 15 2012, 06:19 PM
Sep 15 2012, 04:15 PM
Sep 15 2012, 10:27 AM
I don't like Daniel and I don't like Rafe, but I don't think they're the problem. When something actually happens, Days' ratings almost always respond by going up. Once the stunt is over, we go back to this. That's true regardless of what characters are involved.
Thank you. That is what I was trying to say; you said it better and it is absolutely the truth.
I think it's a combination, but I think substance-free/generic characters having so much focus is a big part of it, and I absolutely think Rafe and Dan do hurt this show by being placed in lead spots. If I don't care about the characters, I don't care about the story either---not with soap opera's five days a week, hour long format anyway. With a movie, I can go for a story, even if the characters are weak, but I won't hang on with serialized drama if I don't care about the characters. I can only speak for myself, though I imagine I'm not alone there. But I think the most detrimental thing to Days is the cheap, shallow romance. Romance matters, and it needs to be romance that gets the audience invested. Days has got too much crap romance (and the shallow characters contribute to that). I think the show could have really dug and done something great with what was there for Jack and Jennifer, but the show opted for Dan/Jen. I think they could really take EJ/Sami somewhere, but I think five years of waffling there is going to hurt no matter what from here on out, and it seems they will keep trying to play all of Sami's fanbases, rather than just choose a guy (Lucas or EJ---I'd say Rafe is a loss, even if they do just choose) and write a romance, a good one, with internal conflict and obstacles. They've pulled insta-love on almost every current romance on the show. Maybe they'll play the Eric/Nicole thing smart. I have little hope on the Nick/Gabi front, but at least there's potential. Abby still has potential for a good romance, but I don't think so if the romance involves Chad or Cameron. They need to build some characters and build some romances. The problem is, the show needs strong characters in strong stories to hold viewers while new characters are built so that they can move into good romances. But there's nothing strong on Days and not a single good love story, and I think it's pretty hard to wring a good love story out of characters who have already been passed around again and again from shoddy romance to shoddy romance. Sadly, even Nicole's in that boat, but I think she could still manage something, as they've never tried to sell any of her romances as great loves, and she's always been a loser in love.
Totally agree with your post. As haphazard as MarDar's writing was, I had stuck with it because I was recognizing and enjoying Salem again. I even sat through couples that bored me silly like Safe because the dynamic was new and character-based. Now it's the exact same shit as 2010, told in the exact same way. I had been trying to hang onto until GV's arrival, but last few weeks plus spoilers have undermined that ambition, and with TomSell's cookie cutter writing, the likelihood of Eric's story rising above is anorexic at best. :drunk:
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