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Sep 17 2012, 01:18 PM
Losing a child isn't something new. It's horrible, I can only imagine. If they have other children then they have to keep on keeping on. The rest of the family should fall apart because one is gone? You mourn along with the rest of the family and continue on. You never replace that child but I don't think the child that passed on is up there telling Mom to give up and ignore the other children because of it. Parents die and the family cries and cries for days but if you could hear their voice talking to you they would tell you,
'I miss you too but you have to pull it together for the rest of the family.
They need you strong for them too. Stop crying now and know that I am better now. No pain, no fears.
I love you and watching for you always.'

Not turn into a thieving, whoring mess.
Every parent reacts differently from losing a child. There is no one way to handle that kind of grief. That kind of grief can eat away at you no matter how hard you want to move on from it. It's not something that will go away within in a years time. The death a child will forever stay with that parent. Some parents recover and some parents don't. When you don't deal with that kind of grief properly it can manifest into something else.

The writers have never fully explained Sharon's stealing or sleeping around. They've thrown out different reasons but have never delved into them. The Cassie explanation is more fandom talk than actually what the show has gone with.

Which has been a HUGE problem in all the storylines that MAB has done. No explanation for the characters and their actions.
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