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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Sep 17 2012, 07:04 PM
Nick grieves but he doesn't use Cassie's death as an excuse to be what he is, a useless gland of testosterone. He's a doormat. He's a whore too but when he messes up he doesn't go on and on about Cassie, implying the she is the reason that he's a mess.
He could have been a drunk, or ran away totally. No, he stuck around. Didn't start breaking the law and saying others set him up for the fall. He's been there for his kids when she had to go 'find herself' over and over. There are a lot of Dads that are assholes but still there for the kids. A solid parent.
I don't deny Nick is a dick. He didn't hold back when he laced into Summer and used the accident with Cassie as an example of what can happen when you drink.
Actually if you re-watch the clips from 2006 when the affair came out he DID blame Cassie's death for his behaviour and affair during an argument with Sharon. And he was not always there for his kids. Like when he left Noah in 2005 to find Daniel in Cali. And then when he came back to GC he was absent in mind, only focusing on justice for Cassie's death.
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