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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

And in comes the Odd One (ME :P ) I liked it..Both part 1 & 2

I wish James Wood character didn't have to be killed so quickly he and Richard Dreyfuss could've been more meat potatoes but the story itself "harvesting organs" was totally believable now the approach used with dangling bodies air hosted being latex in silver plated material came off weird but hey over the top DRAMATICS is used by all these days right?.. Anyhow the only two things that annoyed me Susan Wheeler was the only one who suspected the institute and she wasn't the ONLY intern, it should have been more on her side besides the Doctor and I didn't want to see YET another (sighs) Grey Cougar Cunt (Genna Davis) being the dominate female although now that I think about it having Ellen Burstyn character cripple leg cocked giving to a younger guy then injecting him w/serum would've been pure comedy.

Standout Character - Michael Weston played the psychotic patient to the hilt I thought for sure he would kill Susan.

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