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Sammie Jo
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Sep 18 2012, 12:45 AM
Sammie Jo
Sep 17 2012, 11:23 PM

As for sharon, seems like there's always an excuse for her bad behavior, oh, her father abandoned her, oh her child died, oh whatever, she has an excuse.
I think this the language that touch upon a nerve w/some an "excuse" may not be how folk going about expressing they point of view here however it's just using reason`` reasoning w/character actions why they deplorable or trying to understanding the (REELS) Novelistic parts driving their story

Always a reason how (Real) death is manage yea, trial and tribulation ain't nobody's friend however I do think it can broaden or lessen personal triumph some gain strengths and some go to the depths of hell creating all sorts of horrible circumstances and begin to flounder through life in destructive patterns then there are those in (REAL Life) like Hotpepper who used inner strength from a personal place just as something similar has also been shown on (REEL) take with the Traci Abbott losing Colleen she showed strong w/her loss.

But So far in this thread on This board I see bloggers differentiating the reasons for character self destruction actions not excusing her maddening behavior for these actions. This Sharon fan can't excuse her sleeping with her ex- brother laws/her kid hijacker and then taking up the ex-Father law, satisfyingly slopping lip :x nor do I excuse the men slickly dicks either what's wrong w/them? Why they asses not in Fairview? What's wrong with Victor wanting his grandchildren Momma? UmmHum Both these characters need the writers hand to heal'em in the name of Jesus.

If done properly the takeover control NE battle can be a great start for SN & VN as rivals cause frankly to me it's THE only believable plot for them going forward.
somebody better heal something, and soon!
The guys in Fairview? I'm surprised they're not all in the gonorrhea ward. ;)
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