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If I only turned on this show today, I'd have thought Chad was crazy and some mental case out stalking Melanie. And his imaging Gabi and Nick's conversation? Weird.

Course, I do have to say Gabi and Nick were speaking weirdly close but I guess it might have looked that way through the glass. Again, it's hard to tell if they have any chemistry when all they do is speak about plates and whether Nick has changed. When Melanie asked Gabi to sort of spy on her, I sort of wished they could have used that to setup Gabi to get to know Nick. She pushes herself to learn more about him, he gets excited thinking someone is interested in getting to know him meanwhile Chad watched Gabi going out of her way to speak to Nick and gets a little suspicious (more realistic this way) and once everything hits the fan everybody feels upset. But of course it would take more time planning then 2 days.

Jennifer was beyond annoying today. Daniel is a GROWN MAN whom she is not interested in anymore. And he's been around the block so much (so so much) that Nicole can hardly manipulate him. Which...I did enjoy watching Nicole today with Abby but it lost it's effect when they had one extra line of "So don't believe anything your mom says about me..." as going one step too far and any normal person should have had alarm bells go off at that. Poor Abby, so naive.
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