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I liked Jennifer and Nicole's scenes today. The only part I hated was when Jennifer accused Nicole of keeping her distracted from Daniel since Jack died. Less than a month ago. Jennifer SHOULD be distracted from Daniel still. Daniel Jonas shouldn't even be a thought in Jennifer's head right now. There should still be grieving going on for the man she had children with. The love of her life. A year from now, maybe after some time of growing, naturally, close to Daniel again, these scenes could make sense. Right now, they don't. Plot, plot, plot.

I would totally love to see Nicole manipulating Abigail and turning her against Jennifer more. Abigail and Jennifer already have friction going on. Nicole should take advantage of it and pull them further apart. That would be a whole lot more interesting than either woman defending their own feelings for Daniel.

This triangle isn't bad, so far. It has the right soap cliches, so to speak, but it's Daniel in the story that really ruins everything. There is just nothing to the character. He's not very popular. He doesn't have much substance. His history is garbage, and starting to get covered over again by others in town in order to praise him. If Daniel didn't the history he did, as a character, I could support the triangle. Christian has the chemistry with both Zucker and Reeves. His character just sucks ass.
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