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Sep 18 2012, 05:31 AM
Sep 18 2012, 04:38 AM
Sep 17 2012, 02:59 PM
Sep 17 2012, 02:47 PM
^ Just imagine if Jack survived the elevator and was paralysed or something now. She'd probably be bitching at him for not being able to walk down the aisle at their wedding or something. I just don't know who she is anymore. I'm so tired of Daniel the victim..his ego was bruised and he got over than in 3 weeks (which is longer than Jennifer has apparently taking to get over the death of her soulmate of 20+ years).
The idea of Daniel as anyone's victim is laughable. The guy goes through women like a hay fever sufferer goes through tissues. He's a shallow user who books when the going gets tough, or when something prettier and/or needier comes along to feed into his Hero-God complex. The last woman to dump him seems to have been Chelsea, and that was years ago. Jen-Jen is in for a rude awakening. Or she would be if the show weren't being written by the Dr. Douche-pimping T&W 2.
Loving so many of the comments on this post.

I'd nearly forgotten about Chelsea - how does Saint Jennifer feel about the fact that Saint Daniel used to sleep with one of Abigail's friends? Abigail, who is still young enough to realistically be written as a virgin? Or Melanie for that matter - how does Melanie feel about the fact that one of Dad's former girlfriends is her age and used to catfight with her? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u2fM1O1Za8
Love Melanie's comment - "By getting an upgrade with some doctor, who, by the way, slept with your grandma." So funny now that Dan is her Perfect Hero Father.
Daniel never slept with Chelsea.
Does that mean he is officially out of getting the trifecta then... I thought Billie was the last remaining piece in the puzzle.

Does this put Nicole back on top with Victor ...... Brady. Although bagging Bo or Phillip may be a bit difficult... Maybe she needs to go the Roman, Eric angle.

Or Nick with Billie / Chelsea - there's an option Kate's single.

or Kate with Stefano, EJ and surely there is an illegitimate child out there somewhere from racing car days on his sorased way to Salem.

Lexie with Abe, Brandon obviously not going anywhere unless Stefano does have her stashed away with him.
Carly with Bo and Victor - potential reason to get Carly back and Shawn D.
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