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I LOVED Adrienne JOHNSON Kiriakis today! She had attitude like a Johnson that was sprinkled with a Kiraikis-- great to see. She so reminded me of her brother Steve today when he was so against Adrienne falling in love with Justin. Justin so reminded me of Adrienne's Mom, Jo, in that there were scenes back in the day when she would defend Adrienne's choice to Steve, just like Justin did with Adrienne. I really hope that the writers remember their history and use it-- Sonny and Will could really be like a Justin and Adrienne in their love story too.

For the rest of the show-- I'm so tired of Sami/EJ/Rafe that I could :puke: .... I just want it to end....pick one and go with it and give the others something else on this show besides trailing after Sami. It's old now...IMHO...

I've missed this Nicole --the trouble making one who has a reason for why she does what she does. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the women pining after Daniel though.

Chad, Melanie- please go-- just go. I honestly can't wait till Melanie leaves now. I don't like the direction of Chad right now either. He's about 2 sandwiches short of a full picnic and he can't play that very well. Sometimes, I think that they need to try again with this age group. I would keep Sonny, Will and Abby and would try again with the rest. Maybe the writing will get better--monkeys could fly out of my butt too...... B-)
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