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Wanting to get rid of Jennifer, Nicole attacks Daniel in an alley, drugging him with a drug that will put him in a deathlike coma for 24 hours. Before Nicole can inform Jennifer of Daniel's unforeseen "death", Maggie stumbles upon his body. She was on her way to pick up the enlargement of a photo of Daniel that was to be displayed at St. Luke's. In a hysterical fit, Maggie dives off the Salem pier, killing herself.

Meanwhile, while Jennifer and Brady were cutting a pretzel in half in her kitchen, an announcement was made on the Salem News: Daniel Jonas was dead. Jennifer burst into tears and stabbed herself to death, unwilling to live without the love of her life.

Rafe, who had become Salem commissioner, was inspecting Daniel's body in the morgue. Daniel opened his eyes gently. Rafe's eyes widened. "You told me that was a prostate exam you son of a bitch!", Rafe said angrily as he grabbed Johnny's stuffed penguin. "Please, don't. I have a pap smear tomorrow at 9.", Daniel pleaded weakly. Rafe cried angrily, "That wasn't a prostate exam!", as he suffocated Daniel to his death. As he made his way to his car, wiping away his tears, a car quickly approached Rafe from behind. He turned around, but before he could jump out of the way, the car ran over him, killing him instantly.

"I did this for you.", said Night-time Hope. Laughing hysterically, she and EJ sped away into the distance.
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