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restless daze
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Now don't come whoopin' my ass at the grocery store cause I picked on your fav on here!

Sep 18 2012, 11:03 PM
restless daze
Sep 18 2012, 10:59 PM
I just can't fathom how anyone truly thinks there are people who want to watch this bullshit.

For a show that is supposed to be based on an emsemble cast, no one is happy with the whole show, it seems. There are a few die hard shippers who are getting their crumbs and savoring it. But what of us who watch the show for the SHOW and not for couples?

As a whole, this show just simply sucks. The storylines are awful. Characters are awful. Old time favorite characters ahve been sacrificed at the alter of new time "favorites" and the caliber of these new characters is so poor there is just no comparison.

I wouldn't mind Safe if GG was an actor and not a model. But acting requires talking, not just being pretty. I am a fan of AS (yes, I said it) but Im sick to death of her vagina merry-go-round. Its just not realistic. I believe EJ would have feelings for her becasue he has always been obscessed. I didn't say HEALTHY feelings, but I enjoy watching none the same. I believe Lucas would have feelings, because they have a long complicated history of many layers. But not time after time and time again. Same for Rafe. She cheated on him, with EJ, nothing worse than that for our super hero cop FBI ISA agent who shits fairy dust, walks on water and has a solid gold dick. So get over it and move on. This constant swapping is just boring. There is no pay off, no build up, no consequences. NOTHING. Nobody cares.

They are losing Bo. Can you even tell by watching? Is there a build up? Spoiler free viewers aren't even going to know waht hit them. He has been on the show 30 fucking years! The near perfect soapy bad-guy princess fairy tale love story of all ages and he's just going to LEAVE???? And what the hell about Hope?

Don't even get me fucking started on Jennifer Rose. I know she is a fictional character- but I dont think writers have ever made me hate a character more than her (besides Rafe) and these are supposed to be rootable "good" characters. I hate them BOTH!

Where is Marlena? Where is JOHN? Brady just lost the "love of his life" for the month and where the hell is he? WHERE IS THE STORY?

Oh, I forgot. Melame got kidnapped, so thats the story. Her exit is the story. That and Rafe. And EJ. And Sami.


WHY oh WHY do I do this to myself? I'd rather take a hammer and smash each of my fingers one by one then watch this damn show! For the fucking love of GOD please do something right!

What the HELL are they THINKING????????????
You forgot Daniel and I agree :-/ :hail:
Yes. Daniel.

I actually like SC. He is another one they ruined my havong his fuck around with all his patients. Doing it once maybe would be forgivable. but a serial doctorfucker? Nope. it just isn't done.

And the way he treated Chloe made absolutely NO SENSE at all. And now Nicole and the preggersex. Mmmmmmeh. If they were married, OK, but well, I just don't want to watch it.

Sick of EJ being lied to about every single kid he has.

They have gold sitting there in Justin and Adrienne- a grieving crazy Jennifer, some kind of exit for Bo. Something diabolical for Nick.

Where is STEFANO?


I could go on and on and on.
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