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Sammie Jo
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Queen B
Sep 18 2012, 05:58 PM
Well this is good news to those who thought for sure EB would be axed. I'm guessing MTS is safe aswell
I never doubted it for a minute, they aren't going to get rid of core characters, if there was no victor or no jack, there's goes 75% of the SL's, those two feuding with each other.
I just don't want to see Victor in EVERY damn SL, much as I love the character, I need a break.
That's a lot of the problem on this show, they put 1 or2 characters front and center for weeks until we want to puke at the sight of them, even if they're a fave.
I'm already sick of the whole Paul SL, and really sick of Phyliss's nonsense, had enough of sharon to last me awhile too.
Off topic, speaking of phyliss's SL, I had to laugh, someone in Houston must be watching Y&R, they found a body by a dumpster rolled up in a rug. :huh:
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