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Well, EJ did actually look quite hurt by Sami saying she does not want to try to give them a chance but focus on herself. Clearly you could see that in his eyes and his short answers. .. Really Sami? Hope this is not about Rafe. If you where concerned about what Kate said,.. then you should have thought about that a little earlier. Actually it would be nice to see a little less men around Sami,.. but as always that would probably not happen.

Really liking seeing Nick,.. hope he has some great story ahead. We know that Mel is leaving so what will his story be about? Fight between Chad and Nick.. and maybe Chad becoming more Dimera?? I wish Nick was Dimera.. he he.. and EJs brother.

About Jenn.. hope she teams up with EJ to "handle" Nicole.. despite him being so evil. I hope she now gets what EJ was trying to say to her before when he heard that Nicole was moving in with her.
On that note, I am actually liking Nicole more.. I am so happy that she is not in EJs sphere anymore but focusing on something else. Nicole manipulating Rafe and Daniel is fun to watch.. but a bit annoying. I mean there could have been more interesting characters for her to act against. Well, Rafe and Daniel is not my fav characters.. And sure there is the baby.. but at least there is no annoying drama which has been shown around Nicole, Sami and EJ for the last couple of years. Now if only something different could happen between EJ and Sami.. for once.. not the usual story.
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