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Sep 19 2012, 08:32 AM
Thoughts on TuesDAYS:

Adrienne, I love you. You're pretty much right. But your husband made some great points too. Glad to see them both. I just wish EVERY fucking conversation on this show didn't include the names Sami, Daniel or Melanie. Although the "personal assistant" line made me laugh.

I honestly really felt for Will when he was overhearing all of that. Chandler, you are wonderful when you're not grinning at inappropriate times. You shoudl only bust out that grin when you're calling someone (preferably your whore mother) out.

Oh and speaking of the Beast...She all of a sudden DOESN'T want to talk about her love life... GMAFB. that's all anyone on this stupid fucking show has talked about for YEARS!!! And on top of that....YOU had a heart to heart with your son about it the other day! A conversation YOU initiated. Someone needs to kill this cunt. Please let it be Kate with Lucas at her side.

Sonny...Awwwwwwwwwww...all lovestruck and adorable, like...

Has anyone noticed that Jennifer is a bigger cunt whenever her hair is looking particularly ghastly and gray? LOL Like...Monday she was ALMOST palatable and her hair looked decent. lol In any case, I'm with Nicole ALL THE WAY on this one. Ari Zucker is totally holding this sucktastic storyline together. And if I can see anyone giving Jennifer shit, I'm happy. I SOOOOO wished Nicole had make it a point to tell her that she and Whorage did the dirty right on his desk so Jen-Jen would have to swallow that every time she barges into his office lol Or if Daniel would actually tell Jen off and remind her that he dumped her ass 17 fucking times...but no...It's Dannifer 2.0 all the way for these stupid writers. UGHHHHH. I also love the possibilty of AZ and Kate Mansi sharing more scenes together. If Abby lets her impish side out I think I would enjoy that immensely.

Wow...Nick and Gabi really like to stand close together, huh? there's no one around them..they hardly know each other yet they are practically embracing whenever they speak. Yeah, can't see where this is going!!

LMFAO Chad is hearing voices. Awesome. Can he go off to the asylum or something now? Pretty please?

Daniel and all of Mel's scenes today made me want to kick puppies. Intolerable whining.

Highlights: Justin/Adrienne/Sonny, NICOLE! And Henderson!

When Chad was hearing voices while looking at Nick and Gabi,he reminded me of Anthony Perkins' portrayal of Norman Bates in Psycho.
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