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Wed CAN/Thurs US via rediculous

Phyllis meets Ronan at Crimson lights, (accidently) they sit and have coffee when Nick and Victoria walk in. Nick thanks Ronan for how he handled Summer, and Ronan says she is a good kid, this is my fault, Phyllis says no, it is her fault and she is going to make it right, Vikki tells her she should do that sooner rather than later as Nick walks out.
Vikki tells Nick she loves him but not his choice of wives!!

Sharon wakes up in bed with Tucker to the radio news that Newman is in downfall, stock wise. Tucker tells her to call press conference and tell Nick and Victoria they have to back her, he guarantees her they will quit rather than do that, (it's what Tucker wants). At the office later Sharon gives them a big lecture about the falling stocks being their fault because they take everything public. They finally agree to have a united front for the company's sake. Meanwhile Tucker is telling Sophia that as soon as Nick and Vikki quit, to buy up the declining stocks. Later Sharon informs him that The Newmans will back her, he is shocked.

Paul has his sister Patti moved to Fairview for evaluation, he goes to visit her and tries to get her help in getting in to see Daisy. She starts screaming that she lost her kitties and everyone runs to calm her down and Paul runs out and goes to Daisy's room, where she tells him everything she knows about Ricky and how she managed to get away from him that last night and to Fairview. She tells him about the video and how she was trying to see Michael that night and how she escaped from Ricky.

Phyllis's trial has been moved up and Michael goes to tell her, he begs her to cop a plea and she refuses, he tries to convince her it's best for her, she is making things worse, at least tell her lawyer everything or Leslie will be blindsided at trial, Phyllis does that. Leslie can't understand why Ronan did what he did.

Christine confronts Ronan about his affair with Phyllis, she is furious, Heather informed her about it, she puts Ronan off the case, and threatens to tell his boss what he has done.

Billy is back in LA as he and Genn try to figure out how to tell him he is Victor Newman, meanwhile Victor is set up by the company stooge, to meet him on the docks, just as Billy decides to just tell him who he is, Victor disappears and Billy and Genn don't know where he is gone.

LOL, the previews for tomorrow has Nick and Vikki telling Nikki that all the Newmans have to back Sharon, Nikki looks sick. LOL!!
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