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just joey

Queen B
Sep 19 2012, 09:21 AM
Yes, this is awesome news. Let's hope they get a younger Summer this time though..

I'm guessing we'll probably hear about the men soon right? But I think the biggest issue was the women on the show anyways, most of the men can act.. I mean, Kyle and Fen come to mind for guys that can be fired next but besides them the only other guy I'd like to see go next is Tucker and maybe Kevin

I hope we get some return and not just a whole new shit load of JFP's own newbies. Wouldn't mind seeing Jana again, or JT
It's about time they got rid of that "TO OLD" SUMMER :moon: . Great idea, Re-casting "SUMMER". Bring back the "OLD" summer. She was much younger & more believable as a daughter to nick & phyllis. And if the original "Summer" is not available, than they should cast a "Young" summer, as a replacement. None of this older shit, all grown up. What a waste. It's bad enough to have "AGED" KYLE & FEN. SICK,SICK, SICK.(Maybe one that looks exactly like "JACK") I for one would love to see Summer lok like "JACK". Maybe they will have it so that "Jack" turns out to be :fp2: "Summers Daddy" :teehee :cart: : It's so phony & unbelieveable to those of us who have watched this show for years & some of us, from day "1". I don't care how many they screwed, or that they went through college. Get rid of those 2 phonies :whack: . :moon: And since they are getting rid of my heather, maybe they'll kill off phyllis. Maybe she should be daisy's next victim. :rockon: Daisy needs to get even with that Bitch phyllis. Than I can honestly say"Phyllis" :rip: . :cart:
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