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Pretty good season premiere...

Early fave is RC. I love her! I like pretty much everyone on the Tandang tribe. OMG, Mike Scrupin is a mess but it's good to see him back.

Russel was god awful & annoying. Just...no. I wish the tribe had voted him out & not that hilarious, wide eyed bat Zane. LOL! He cracked me up. "I stopped smokin' the day I got here" :lol: But he played a really stupid game though & deserved to go. LOL at him making individual alliances with half the tribe and then...telling the other half :blink:

UGH! Spiders.

Was anyone else disturbed during the beginning of the show when they were gathering all the necessities for their rafts? I was disgusted that they showed one of the tribe members just LAUNCHING a live chicken to someone who was on the raft. And there was also a quick shot of a poor chicken in the cage screaming as the cage fell into the water. WTF?! They could've edited that mess out!
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