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Sep 19 2012, 07:41 PM
Sep 19 2012, 07:30 PM
Sep 19 2012, 07:17 PM
Sep 17 2012, 04:13 PM
Rooting for EJ...because he's really got the moral highground in this situation, imho. And, as someone who is generally ambivalent about the character I feel like it's about time he do something besides impregnate Sami. Seriously, I can't think of anything this guy's done but he's involved in so much.

Therefore: go EJ.
EJ and "moral high ground" are mutually exclusive.He is using his own child as a revenge tool.How much lower can he get?

If anyone is using EJ's children as a method of revenge I think its Rafe.

Why can't he verify the paternity and seek shared custody with Nicole.Maybe if he told Nicole this she would tell him the truth or Daniel and/or Rafe would not continue to go along with the lie.Why did he tell Sami he believed the baby was Rafe's baby when he believes the baby is his baby.Rafe impusively told the lie because he was angry with EJ and wanted to help Nicole.He only told Carrie about it because they were going to "be together".He has been assuring Nicole that he would help her because he is her friend.I don't see how he can throw Nicole under the bus now even though he appears to regret the lie.
EJ never threatened to take to the baby from Nicole. In the beginning Nicole chose to lie about the baby's paternity even though she had no logical reason for doing so. Rafe lying to EJ is all about revenge. This isn't the first time he's helped a woman hide a child from EJ. He did the same thing with Grace and had no problem keeping the kids from EJ after Sami shot him in the head. At this point in the game, EJ has a right to be angry. He's got 3 people conspiring to keep his child from him. Had Nicole told him the truth from the get-go there wouldn't be a problem. He even begged her not to keep his child from him. And EJ did try to verify the paternity of the child but Dr. Douche allowed Nicole to change the results. EJ has done everything he can legally to get to the truth. EJ is not using his child for anything, he just wants to be able to be a father to his baby. Something the 3 hypocrites are intent on denying him. I don't see EJ as the bad guy here.
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