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Sep 20 2012, 09:42 AM
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EJ never threatened to take to the baby from Nicole. In the beginning Nicole chose to lie about the baby's paternity even though she had no logical reason for doing so. Rafe lying to EJ is all about revenge. This isn't the first time he's helped a woman hide a child from EJ. He did the same thing with Grace and had no problem keeping the kids from EJ after Sami shot him in the head. At this point in the game, EJ has a right to be angry. He's got 3 people conspiring to keep his child from him. Had Nicole told him the truth from the get-go there wouldn't be a problem. He even begged her not to keep his child from him. And EJ did try to verify the paternity of the child but Dr. Douche allowed Nicole to change the results. EJ has done everything he can legally to get to the truth. EJ is not using his child for anything, he just wants to be able to be a father to his baby. Something the 3 hypocrites are intent on denying him. I don't see EJ as the bad guy here.
Well, it didnt quite happened that way...at least from my perspective.

Nicole would of wanted to have this baby and raise it with EJ but the then beastsex happened and she planned on keeping the secret until she thought of another plan. She didnt want EJ in her life because she was so hurt and he told her he would never hurt her again (snowstorm scenes.) Nicole and Rafe were at the HTS having lunch and EJ overheard that she was pregnant. He started demanding that she come back to the DiMansion and was threatening her that he would be part of the baby. Rafe heard all this and told him he was the father. Nicole went along with the lie. Then during the paternity test he threatened to take the baby away from her once they find out he's the father. He has done nothing but threaten her. He has even apologized to her that he has been heavy handed. The one time he did ask her to come back and be a family was genuine, but after she insisted that Rafe is still the father, he told her to leave his apartment.

I see really no one as innocent especially EJ and Rafe. EJ created this mess by fucking the beast and breaking all the trust that Nicole put on him and their relationship. Rafe does want revenge but I also see him as protecting the baby from EJ, his enemy. Nicole's keeping the lie because she's hurt and she's doesnt want her kid being taken away and raised by Sami. She's seen how he can take away custody and not have Sami be in the kids lives- he's done it multiple times, with Nicole helping him.

The way you say it as EJ wanting to be a father, is not really what EJ wants at this point. He wants revenge. After Sami dumped him, he's more determined then ever to take the baby away. He was all smiles to Justin when he told him that Nicole would be left with nothing, Rafe and Dan's career would be gone. The story itself is not logical, its redundant.
Of course he was all smiles. He has tried to reason with Nicole but she continues to "act in emotion" and keep up the lie. EJ has a right to be in his son's life. He has done nasty things in past but so has Nicole. Speaking solely of the present, he is a good father. Nicole has no room to judge anyone. She lied about losing her baby and then kidnapped Sydney when the truth came out so for her to point fingers at EJ is hypocritical at best. Nicole has a right to be angry at EJ about the beastsex but witholding his child from him is taking it a step too far. What she's doing now is stooping to EJ's level. Ironic how she can whine about EJ taking her baby yet she's doing the exact same thing to him. Pot meet kettle.
I didnt say Nicole was innocent. I said I find no one innocent in this story. I can empathized with Nicole's situation more then the other involved. Now, I also didnt say EJ is a bad father, but there's proof that he isnt. Just look at all the times he's tried to take the kids from Sami, out of spite and not really anything else. My point being, EJ is not innocent. And while you can stay in the present and present a good case for EJ to be this way towards Nicole, you bring up Nicole's past. I think history does matter, so in this case, I really can't fault either one for being suspicious. That's who these two characters are- they would do anything to get what they want. No one's innocent, its just who you relate with more- and I usually tend to take Nicole's side.
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