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Sep 20 2012, 12:31 PM
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To me it was a very mature smile and went away quickly. It's making me swoon more and more each time I watch it. I love how Will put his hand around Sonny's head as he got further into the kiss. Also love how this is a kiss in public and Will doesn't even hesitate this time :smile: .

I hope this continues into Monday? Michael Fairman posted about the clip TV Guide posted as the beginning of their make out session but is he just talking and doesn't really know? As much as I love it, it will be disappointing if it's not longer or we don't see any reaction from them after the kiss or after it gets heavier between them.

The beginning....oh I can only hope. I don't think there are any spoilers for Will/Sonny much next week (which is very disappointing) but I would love for it continue into Monday. I kind of doubt it though. They way it cut off in the clip..maybe there is just more to it that we don't see in that actual scene? I'm reading tidbits here and there about the whole show tomorrow and I can't wait! Sounds like some good WilSon stuff throughout...not just that clip.
It's becoming evident to me that shows like Glee show gay couples like Kurt/Blaine a lot but never show them being romantic. Then there is a couple like Will and Sonny who are getting a romance yet they get very little airtime together. I just wish gay couples could get what other couples get and that is plenty of airtime along with a romance. Such a double standard and that is one frustrating thing. I am trying to give the show the benefit of the doubt but if we only see Will and Sonny once a week, it's not enough to stay invested long term. So while I love what happens tomorrow in this respect Will and Sonny aren't being treated equal.
I really do hope they get more airtime and romance. You're right, there is a double-standard, and it sucks. Nothing on this show is really holding my interest except for this storyline and if they start putting them on the backburner I'm not going to be watching as much. I know the whole Gabi thing will rear it's ugly head...but I hope we get some nice stuff before that happens. They really need to show them falling in love and getting a lot closer before all that happens, and not just once a week, like you said. I want a real romance, and now that they are getting together...I hope it isn't in the realm of just insta-love like so many others. I still want kind of a slow build. This relationship is still new...and it's different from what most soap stories are...I hope they really build it up. I still think there is a lot they can do with WilSon to kind of stretch it out some....while showing them happy for a while. Not sure that's what we get, but that's what I would hope for.
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