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I will admit that I much prefer Tomlin and crew over the previous writers for obvious reasons of course- I'm seeing more Justin and Adrienne and Sonny in the last month. And that makes me happy. At least they see the talents of Wally, Judi and Freddie more, unlike the previous writers wouldn't know what true talent was if it hit them in the face. . Tomlin and the others get a big thumbs up for me on that front. However, they should have kept Jack on. MA was too talented to let go.

I still have issues of their fondness over Rafe, Sami, Daniel, Melame- characters that just need to go away. They are on WAY too much for me. And their stories just suck!!!

As long as these writers continue to use Wally and Judi more, I will be happy, of course I still be wanting a Justin/Adrienne story that they can call their own. But at least I am seeing them more than I have the last year or so. So Kudos to Tomlin and crew.

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