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Sep 20 2012, 11:08 AM
Sep 20 2012, 10:44 AM
Sep 20 2012, 10:33 AM
I'm also taking into consideration that TomSell inherited a LOT Of WTFery laden storylines that they're STILL working their way through. Some of those inherited stories (like Brady/Madison/Ian/Kate/Stefano) they were able to blow through and end right out of the gate (it really helped that MarDar had pretty much started to ignore Brady/Madison by the time TomSell started). It's clear (at leat to me) that Brady is being "rested" on the backburner for a bit. Likewise, I think John/Marlena are being rested on the backburner for a bit because it's obvious they have BIG story coming up with Kristen. I actually don't mind that because I'm well aware of actor guarantees and budgets. I'd rather have them played lightly now instead of using up their alloted episodes until they're down to the wire on how much they can be used with big Kristen story. This entire Rafe/Nicole/Daniel with a side of EJ baby story is a HUGE hotmess holdover from MarDar and, let's be honest, unless they throw Nicole down a flight of stairs, they've got to let it play out until she has the baby. I also predict that the story will take a huge change/turn once Eric arrives. This also seems to be setting up a HUGE Nicole/Jennifer rivalry (which I suspect might extend to professional again down the road) which I fully support. IMO, the show is MORE than on the right track and I'm eager to see how the storylines develop. Not every episode can be all about (insert your favorite character/actor/couple here) in a frontburner storyline 5 days a week and just because it isn't doesn't make the show bad.
I suppose I can agree with this. I'm just not that optimistic. Not yet anyway. I really hope I'm changing my tune by Nov. But I was hopeful when MarDar took over too. It's tough being a DAYS fan. We're all so jaded lol
And it doesn't help matters that we've gone through so many HWers over the last 5-10 years and it seems EVERY single one of them have radically different ideas where certain couples/characters should go. IMO, Sami/Lucas/EJ/Rafe and Daniel are probably the ones who've been hurt the most becuase it seems their story direction/romantic pairing shifts DRASTICALLY every time a new writer comes one which (at least IMO) has greatly hurt all the characters involved. Sami (and Daniel!), for example, bounces from romantic partner to romantic partner NOT because of any general character trait or long-term genuine story, but because of the whim of whatever HW is in charge and fanwanking. Writer A like Lucas/Sami! Great. They're together. Writer B replaces A and like Sami/EJ. Great. They're together. I think that's why I can overlook a LOT of shit because each successive writer has heaped on so much character assasination to each player involved (along with WTFery storytelling) that the only thing I can do is just accept the new status quo as a starting point and go on from there. Just give me a story I can follow that makes sense with thesse characters and I'm good.
EXACTLY! There are certain actors/characters I enjoy more than others, but all that aside....I want a good story with a huuuuuge payoff. I feel like there hasn't been any payoff whatsoever in eons. And I'm sure that is attributable (is that a word? lol) to musical writers. (MarDar, forget it...the 3 month story "arcs" were a total failure...I liked how they wrote some characters...but the stories just didn't go anywhere and if they started to it was a whole lot of fuckery).
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