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The Scorpion
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Sep 20 2012, 11:03 AM
Sep 20 2012, 10:33 AM
I'm also taking into consideration that TomSell inherited a LOT Of WTFery laden storylines that they're STILL working their way through. Some of those inherited stories (like Brady/Madison/Ian/Kate/Stefano) they were able to blow through and end right out of the gate (it really helped that MarDar had pretty much started to ignore Brady/Madison by the time TomSell started). It's clear (at leat to me) that Brady is being "rested" on the backburner for a bit. Likewise, I think John/Marlena are being rested on the backburner for a bit because it's obvious they have BIG story coming up with Kristen. I actually don't mind that because I'm well aware of actor guarantees and budgets. I'd rather have them played lightly now instead of using up their alloted episodes until they're down to the wire on how much they can be used with big Kristen story. This entire Rafe/Nicole/Daniel with a side of EJ baby story is a HUGE hotmess holdover from MarDar and, let's be honest, unless they throw Nicole down a flight of stairs, they've got to let it play out until she has the baby. I also predict that the story will take a huge change/turn once Eric arrives. This also seems to be setting up a HUGE Nicole/Jennifer rivalry (which I suspect might extend to professional again down the road) which I fully support. IMO, the show is MORE than on the right track and I'm eager to see how the storylines develop. Not every episode can be all about (insert your favorite character/actor/couple here) in a frontburner storyline 5 days a week and just because it isn't doesn't make the show bad.

This is the way Tomsell did it before. In Fall 2008 and early 2009, they took their time laying out the canvas the way they wanted to and setting up the stories, relationships, etc they wanted. That takes time and can't happen overnight. It worked out well and look how the ratings did in 2009/early 2010 and when they had a slight rebound in Fall 2010. Only trouble is Higley was involved and even her minimal involvement held things back. This time, they can take what they inherited and plot things out at the pace they want without having to appease Higley just to keep her at bay. Good writing is not just quickly wrapping up every single story you inherited and acting like it didn't happen. Good writing is taking what you have inherited and using it to transition into and set up the stories you want to tell and to set up the direction you want for the characters. Given they inherited an absolute mess, I think they've done a good job in making the show more focused and cohesive given it's only been a month. It's also clear to me they are waiting on some things until some of the returns happen. They had to settle the Melanie stuff and re-introduce Nick and set up Chad, Gabi, and Nick for life after Melanie so, once she's gone, that will open up time for other stories. They have to set up this Nicole stuff for Eric's return and to give some direction to what happens to her after the baby is born. I think this EJ/Sami/Rafe business is only a way to repair the damage done to both Rafe and Sami and to set EJ up as a villain again, as he should be. MarDar really hurt Sami IMO. It's one thing to make her more of a bitch but to take away the one thing she could always hold over so many others and that is the fact that she doesn't cheat on the man she loves was borderline character assassination and incredibly pointless given the story was all but wrapped up in a few short months. Right now, Sami is still acting like a bitch. She's in no way a victim. People are calling her out on her shit. This is the way it should be. As for Daniel and Jennifer, I don't mind them and I'm not convinced they are end game here. To me, the writing is on the wall that this may end up blowing up and sending them in opposite directions. They are hinting at Jennifer and Brady(which I so far love) and maybe that means they will go with a Brady/Jennifer/Daniel triangle but I don't think that's a slam dunk.

For me, it's not about whose with who or whose going to be with who. It's not about whose on 5 days a week and who isn't. It's not about what fanbase I feel TPTB are pissing on by going with a certain pairing. I could care less. I read an article recently in SOD that featured Micheal Bruno, whose an agent to a number of soap actors and has been in the business for years. He made a point that I agree with and that is that shows feel they can lose vets/familiar faces or relegate them to supporting roles because the ratings have proven that it's not about whose on every day or about whose together. It's all about the stories and it's all about things happening everyday. If the stories don't enthrall (even if they are repetitive, one dimensional stories they can hook people) and if you go days without much happening, the ratings will drop. Maybe that is why I enjoy Days right now. I could care less whose with who or whose on or how many times I've seen something similar before (because, honestly, after all these years, it's impossible not to be repetitive or tell similar stories) as long as I'm entertained and as long as the stories have direction and are built up well so I can invest. I don't want some half-assed story that is over a 3 months like MarDar. I want what Tomsell brought in 2009/2010 and I think, based on what I've seen, they will provide that. I want stories built over time that build to a payoff. The baby switch, Parker's paternity/Chloe and Philip's affair, and, hell, I will even throw in Nighttime Hope because for as bad as that shit was it at least lasted a few months and built to something. That is soap opera IMO. Not the nonsense MarDar tried to play off as soap opera. They said they were going to un-soap the soap and they sure were right.

I like this team and I like what they are doing. I think the show will really start rolling once October hits and all the pieces are in place.
Sorry but, I don't like TomSell's storytelling at all, I think their drivel with white knights and black knights are old-fashioned, and it's one of Days major problems that they don't seem to understand that times are changing and some of their characters sucks and is boring as hell! And I do not believe for a second that their stories will be particularly entertaining, I see more that they are on a wrong path when it comes to their stories, couples, characters, etc. .. IMO
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